Environment Southland outgrew Visio for process improvement.

With Nintex Promapp, after hours issues are resolved, processes are accessible in one place and continuous improvement is supported.

Business benefits.

  • New staff are brought up to speed faster

  • Existing staff are not interrupted to train new staff

  • After hours issues dealt with effectively

  • A single source of information

  • Standardized processes

  • Continuous improvement

Environment Southland is responsible for managing the  entire Southland region of New Zealand, which covers over three million hectares and includes Fiordland and Stewart Island.

Growing staff numbers and changing legislative requirements meant the organization needed to rethink  the way they recorded and managed their processes. They had been using Visio to record standard operating  procedures, which staff found clunky and time consuming. Half the time people didn’t even know if a  process existed because they didn’t know where to look  for it.

What they needed was a single source of truth; a place  where users could create, edit, review, improve and  access organizational processes. 

‘Once we got the process approval workflow add-on in place, managers saw that they actually had to be engaged.’


Getting the most out of Nintex Promapp.

The council have also trialed Nintex Promapp’s risk addon in the health  and safety area. It’s worked so well that they are now poised to  roll it out as a risk management solution for the wider  organization.

‘Nintex Promapp has definitely met and exceeded our expectations.  Whenever I have a query, a question, they get right back to us.  They practice what they preach, and they are really  approachable,’ says Paula. 

Nintex Promapp a perfect match.

Environment Southland were looking for a system that was  simple to use and easy to access and navigate. Another  factor was scalability. Nintex Promapp, they say, ‘ticked all the  boxes’, so after talking to another regional council who was  using Nintex Promapp, they decided to take the plunge.

Initially the council had engagement and support from the  director of corporate services but they weren’t getting the  engagement from third tier management they needed to drive the process culture. Adding the process approval  workflow addon changed that. It put responsibility back into  the managers’ hands, and once the processes were in the  system, they could really see the benefit.

A governance group, made up of staff from across the organization was formed. As Nintex Promapp champions they meet  monthly to report on how each area is doing.

Mapping even  the small processes – setting up appointments or organizing  air travel and accommodation – are considered quick wins.

Managers can direct staff to Nintex Promapp, which has the added  benefit of getting them engaged and familiar with the system.  The council has also mapped the key processes  around legislative requirements, like LGOIMA – the Local  Government Official Information and Meetings Act. Now staff  can access the process and manage themselves through even the most complex processes.

Nintex Promapp also simplifies onboarding new staff. They can easily  see the processes related to their role, as well as the  overarching organizational ones.

‘It’s actually a really good  part of induction for our new staff, plus the benefit of the  system is that we can leave them sitting in front of Nintex Promapp.  and it’s so easy to navigate they can find their own way  around – they don’t need somebody sitting with them, which  is a real timesaver. And a financial saving because we aren’t interrupting somebody else’s time while new staff are still  learning,’ says Paula Burke, Principal, Records Systems and  Office Support, Environment Southland. 

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