Continuous improvement benefits due diligence efforts.

Simplified processes increase consistency at Genesis Energy, saving them time and money, and helping them retain critical knowledge.

Business benefits.

  • Simplified processes

  • Increased process standardization

  • Time savings

  • Improved consistency

  • Retained knowledge

Genesis Energy is a NZ-state-owned generator and  retailer of electricity, gas and LPG to commercial and residential customers. It is NZ’s largest energy retailer  with 670,000 customers and more than 1,000  employees. 

At the time, Genesis Energy was looking to partially privatize. Having accurate, documented processes across the organization would deliver significant benefits for due diligence purposes.


Increasing consistency. Saving time.

Genesis Energy initially implemented Nintex Promapp to eliminate  the risk of losing corporate knowledge when the company’s  externally contracted contact center was brought in-house.

As well as helping to capture this knowledge, Nintex Promapp was  seen as a way of increasing consistency and saving time. ‘Nintex Promapp was the right tool, with documentation at the right  level. Its capability met all the requirements,’ explains  Howard Follas, one of the company’s two Nintex Promapp specialists.

The implementation of Nintex Promapp was relatively simple, with  help from the Nintex Promapp training and support team who were  on hand to take the project group through the steps required.

It has since been rolled out into the trading and wholesale  operations, health and safety and the IT department.

Ongoing improvement.

In addition to its ability to capture a range of activities in line with Genesis Energy’s needs, Nintex Promapp’s compatibility with the  Lean and Six Sigma business methodologies was a plus.

‘We had begun looking at Lean Six Sigma ways of approaching  processes. Nintex Promapp was in line with them both, with the ability  to provide documentation at the right level.’ says Howard Follas. 

A range of benefits.

‘We’ve been able to simplify down to seven or eight steps in a  process. Before Nintex Promapp, one process may have included a mix  of low and high-level steps, with no clear divide about where one  level stopped and the next began. Now it is much clearer.’

Eliminating regional variations. 
‘It’s a reality of doing business across multiple geographical sites  that there can be wide variations in processes. Nintex Promapp  has been an outstanding tool for addressing that in a very direct  way. All the offices go straight to one source to answer their queries and find out how to do things. That is a significant  benefit.’

Flexible applications to suit real business needs. 
‘We now have Nintex Promapp installed in enough different business  areas to clearly demonstrate its flexibility. It is a tool that can be tailored to document any process scenario.’

Supporting continuous improvement. 
‘Nintex Promapp provides the ideal launchpad for improvement  because it gives a bird’s eye view of the business.’

Full account management support. 
‘Taking on any major new system is a big change and big risk for a business, so timely and effective support is crucial. Nintex Promapp  has an outstanding support and account management team and  has been completely approachable throughout. We have used  the support operations via email and they come back with  answers very quickly. There is a real proactive commitment to  supporting us – it’s not just reactive.’


Tips for new players. 

• You don’t need to document everything – this can be an  easy trap to fall into.

• Proper training and widespread understanding of the  system is key to its success, both for existing and new staff – include it in staff induction. Having your own Nintex Promapp staff trainers is worth it.

• To make sure the content remains relevant to users and the continuous improvement benefits are realized, processes need to be reviewed at least every 12 months. Ideally, get process owners to change Nintex Promapp as they go, but as this doesn’t always happen it’s important to have scheduled  review points. 

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