Greenline gains gold standard of triple ISO accreditation.

Managing manufacturing and safety processes drives quality and consistency, and makes up to date information available to all teams.

Business benefits.

  • Makes processes easy to understand

  • Works across all business units

  • Eliminates duplications

  • Good staff engagement

  • Standardized processes drive quality and consistency

  • Single source of truth for business processes

To gain the gold standard of triple ISO accreditation, commercial shade sail manufacturer and installer  Greenline needed to meet stringent criteria and pass an  external audit.

Much of the Australian company’s work comes from  government contracts, including schools and hospitals, so  it was important for them to have the internationally- recognized certification.

Greenline’s systems manager Huxley Wallace says having  the three ISO certifications (environmental, quality  assurance and occupational health and safety) is a symbol of trust. ‘It shows that we take risk seriously.’

To gain certification, Greenline needed to prove that their  manufacturing and safety processes would pass the test.  although their processes met the standard, their existing  process management system wasn’t up to the task.

Deciding to start from scratch, they implemented Nintex Promapp – and it has now become an essential part of the business. 

Process made perfect.

Run out of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Greenline has  been manufacturing and installing shade sails throughout  Australia for more than 20 years.

When it came to meeting the stringent criteria necessary to gain  their ISO accreditations, Greenline realized its existing  process management system was too clunky and difficult to  manage.

Huxley describes the previous system as a one-sizefits-all model  that had been slightly adapted to suit the company.

A consultant helping Greenline rewrite its ISO management  system recommended Nintex Promapp as an effective way to manage  business processes. Huxley was tasked with setting up and  implementing the new system.

The business couldn’t just stop while they rewrote all their  processes so instead, staff were asked to write down what they  were doing, as they were doing it, and the resulting processes  were thrashed out at meetings before being recorded in  Nintex Promapp.

‘It definitely took time to get everything written down, but it  helped to green-light a lot of things quickly. It also removed a lot  of double handling, which saved time in the long run.’

Fit for purpose, fit for people.

Greenline’s existing processes were bulky, longwinded procedure  documents that staff very rarely referred to. Various  business units had different versions of each document, making  double-ups and outdated information inevitable.

Shifting processes onto Nintex Promapp made accurate, up-to-date  information accessible to all business units, making it easier to  find and eliminate errors and duplications.

As Huxley explains, it also made them easier to understand and  use.

‘Because it is so visual, Nintex Promapp is a very powerful tool for  engaging staff. Some people don’t absorb information from a 20- page document, but when they see it laid out as a visual map it  makes a whole lot more sense. As a tool, Nintex Promapp really  resonates with people.’

Pinpointing problems.

Because Greenline now has a single standard for every process,  they can pinpoint the cause of a problem when it arises.

Greenline uses Nintex Promapp’s improvement add-on to investigate  reported issues and then creates actions to solve the problems.  Thanks to its notification feature, everyone who needs to know  about the change is alerted immediately.

‘You can see if a  problem is addressed in the process. If it isn’t, Nintex Promapp lets us  update that process straight away. It’s a very user-friendly tool,  easy to pick up and maintain.’

‘You can be reassured that an issue won’t happen again, because  it has been fully addressed efficiently and everyone has  received the correct information.’ 

Transparency and ownership.

Nintex Promapp has introduced transparency into Greenline’s process  management, which helps staff take ownership of a process or  module. This means staff are much more likely to follow up on  an issue and keep things up to date.

‘When these process documents were stored in a cupboard or on  an Excel spreadsheet, there wasn’t that same amount of  accountability,’ Huxley explains. ‘It is that focus on transparency and ownership that makes  Nintex Promapp such a powerful tool for changing and controlling  business processes.’ 

Improvements that count.

After implementing Nintex Promapp, improvements came quickly for the business. Top of the list was receiving the gold star seal of approval, thanks to passing the audit and gaining triple  ISO certification.

Not having certification would have put Greenline on the back foot when it came to tendering for government and  large retail contracts.

‘If we hadn’t taken the steps that we did in terms of setting up a new IMS, we wouldn’t have passed the audit. It’s that  simple,’ Huxley says. ‘Having the certification gives us a competitive edge, as people know we approach safety and  environmental processes seriously.’

And Nintex Promapp will be useful in future, as new, process-focused industry standards are soon to be introduced in  Australia. Greenline will be able to use Nintex Promapp to show how it is addressing safety and environmental risks, eliminating  the need to produce big procedure documents and analysis.

‘It’s a much tidier way to do things,’ says Huxley. ‘If you can prove via a process that you’re addressing what the standard wants you to address, you don’t have to write a lengthy systems management plan.’

For Huxley and the Greenline team, Nintex Promapp has exceeded expectations – in fact, he says it is the best piece of software he has ever used. 

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