Centralized processes support efficiencies.

Horowhenua Council captures and shares intellectual property via one source of the truth, simplifying induction, eliminating duplication and reducing admin.

Business benefits.

  • Single source of truth

  • Induction process is easier

  • Less time spent on admin

  • No duplication

  • Processes captured before staff leave

  • Facilitates ongoing process improvement

  • Cross-organization process sharing

Horowhenua District Council provides a broad range of  services for their community from Land Information Memorandums (LIM) reports to building and planning  consents, to dog registrations, and rubbish and  recycling. 

There are a large number of systems and processes set  up at Horowhenua District Council to keep everything  running smoothly. This means a large number of  systems and processes to keep up to date.

Before Nintex Promapp most of that information resided inside  someone’s head or was buried in a user manual.  The council’s application support analyst, Chelsea Carlyle, says the organization really needed to  improve their process capture.

Horowhenua District  Council is on a journey from good to great and part of  that journey is encouraging staff to look for ways to  improve. This was one of those opportunities. When  Chelsea saw Nintex Promapp and its capabilities she liked it, and when the senior management team saw what  Nintex Promapp could do for the organization they did too. 

It could be implemented across the whole organization,  and it was a way for the council to move  to a more centralized and efficient mode of operating. 

Ease of use.

One important aspect was the ability to capture knowledge  before a staff member leaves. Before Nintex Promapp, Chelsea says  she would set aside a whole day to record all the processes  before a staff member left and, of course, sometimes things  would get missed.

With Nintex Promapp the council can start building processes, and  get the knowledge out of people’s heads, before they decide  to move on. ‘Nintex Promapp is just easier; it’s easy for staff to use,  easy for them to create processes. We wanted the whole business to use this, so they were doing it themselves, without needing someone’s help.’ 

Tangible benefits.

A huge benefit of moving to Nintex Promapp has been the reduction  in administration time. When changes are made, instead of  having to update two or three documents or manuals, they  just update Nintex Promapp. No duplication, no mountains of paper,  just current, accurate information. Chelsea says inducting  staff is easier too – all it takes is a quick navigation lesson. 

They can easily find what they need and are able to go  straight in and get started. And when it’s audit time, all the  auditors have to do is log in to Nintex Promapp and everything they  need to see is right there.

‘It’s really good from a customer’s perspective too. You can  guarantee that our staff are providing correct information. It’s  hard to do that when information is stored in different  places - you open the staff up to not knowing what they’re  doing. That has an impact on their morale.’

A good indication of Nintex Promapp’s value comes from activities  the council does only once a year. ‘The things we have  documented in Nintex Promapp go very smoothly. But the things  that are not in Nintex Promapp yet create problems. With Nintex Promapp  we can be confident it’s being done properly.’ 

Dealing with changes.

Chelsea says one of the best things about Nintex Promapp is its  flexibility. Council staff use it to make improvements as  they go. Once a team has documented an entire process,  and the full visibility of that process is mapped out in one  location, suddenly teams can see a lot of room to improve.

‘There are improvements being made every day where  we’ve found gaps in processes, or unnecessary process  steps.’ 

Working together.

Chelsea says they have recommended Nintex Promapp to other  organizations. The council works with eleven other  councils. Many of them use Nintex Promapp too. This allows them  to share processes, when they are relevant to other  councils or organizations.

‘Recently we went to Matamata-Piako District Council and  asked for one of their processes, and now we’re done – we  just imported it into Nintex Promapp and added minor  changes for how we work. That’s how we want to work –  we want to help each other and work the same way.’ 

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