BPM pinpoints whether a process adds value or not.

Kiama Municipal Council applies lean methodology to identify opportunities for improvement and reduce processing times, saving time and money.

Business benefits.

  • Improved efficiencies, saving time and money

  • Leadership and staff engaged in process improvement

  • A new culture of change

  • Insight into the customer journey

  • A view of what is really happening in the organization

Situated on the South Coast of Australia, Kiama Municipal Council offers a broad range of services – from traditional government services to holiday parks and aged care facilities.

Previously very few of the processes associated with Kiama Municipal Council’s services were mapped. Kerry  McMurray, Director of Finance, Corporate and Commercial  Services, says that meant a lot of inefficiencies. It was  imperative to look at what the council was doing, how  they did it, and what improvements they could make.

The organization saw they had two main tasks – gain clarity about what they actually do and how they do it,  and then take that information and put it through a lean  methodology to identify opportunities for improvement.  Kerry knew Nintex Promapp was a BPM tool that people at all  levels of the organization could use and relate to. 


Smooth and simple implementation.

When it came to implementing Nintex Promapp across the organization, Kerry says it was quick and painless. They brought the Nintex Promapp  team in to run some sessions with the executive, the senior leadership group, and then ran information sessions for all staff.

Any initial scepticism amongst staff was overcome when they  saw the inefficiencies in the mapped processes.

̔Promapp provided a very clear picture to the staff that a simple  process is full of non-valueadd activity, and that suddenly  created a big impetus for change.̓

Those people that really took it on board and were the early  adopters were given training to become certified Nintex Promapp  trainers.

̔We’ve now built an in-house capability. We’ve got people in every position who can provide ongoing Nintex Promapp training and  follow-up support to everybody else in their division,̓ says Kerry  McMurray.

Tangible results – savings in time and money.

In the first 12 months of using Nintex Promapp, the council mapped  over 200 processes and saw significant efficiency improvements.  Kerry says this saved them around one full-time  employee in terms of non-valueadding steps.

One example of success is the registration of new suppliers.  They do about 600 of these a year. Kerry says after completing a process review and applying lean methodology, the total processing time has been cut by about four hours each – that’s  about 200 hours saved by improving one process.

And there are lots of other wins, too. ̔Processes like applications  for tree pruning and removal have come down from 48 days to  8 days,̓ he adds. 

Changing lives.

Kerry says management and staff have embraced Nintex Promapp,  process mapping and the new culture of improvement. One of  the initial challenges was the view by some staff that process  mapping was adding work but no value.

The council tackled this by demonstrating the benefits, and  showing that staff could map their own processes and do their  own reviews. This gave staff a sense of ownership over their  processes, seeing that this was ̔something that was done with  them and by them, rather than done to them̓.

The council also found value in involving customers in the  process review for processes like the admission process in the  aged care facility. This gave them ̔some incredible insight̓ and  helped create what they call an ̔outside-in̓ service design.


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