Division at La Trobe University achieves three ISO standards.

La Trobe University is a multi-campus, public research university with over 39,000 students attending 7 campuses located throughout the state of Victoria and in Sydney, Australia; as well as in many international countries. Established in 1964, La Trobe University’s flagship campus is based in Melbourne, Australia.

  Business benefits.

  • ISO certification process is simplified

  • Teams are engaged and empowered to collaborate

  • Processes can be review and improved

  • Opportunities for improvement are highlighted

  • Ongoing improvement has become business as usual

When the Infrastructure and Operations Division at La Trobe started trialing Nintex Promapp, management systems advisor Rachel Beaton looked into it, and realized the process management tool could also play a pivotal role in the department’s efforts to achieve upcoming ISO certifications.

‘Nintex Promapp was the perfect tool to help us gain the ISO 9001 Quality Management standard. We have an environmental sustainability team and safety is also a big part of what we do, so it made sense to implement those standards as well.’

Well-prepared for ISO certification.

Although ISO certifications add great value to organizations, it’s common knowledge that achieving them is no mean feat. As Rachel explains, this is down to the many requirements around establishing and documenting processes. 

‘Fortunately, Nintex Promapp is purpose-built for the job,’ she says. ‘Part of the certification process requires you to determine inputs and outputs, sequences and interactions, along with performance measures – all of which are built into the tool.’

Working towards three standard certifications at once significantly added to complexity for the team, who needed to consider quality, safety, and environmental sustainability while developing their processes. 

Gaining the standards involved working with many subject matter experts to update and document processes. Nintex Promapp makes process mapping simple and instils confidence that procedures are captured correctly.

This is a key factor in La Trobe’s process management success due to the sheer number of people involved, many of them unfamiliar with process mapping or ISO requirements.

‘Because Nintex Promapp has all the functions required by ISO already built in, you can’t not do it right,’ says Rachel.

The map-view of processes in Nintex Promapp allows teams at La Trobe to easily review processes and spot gaps or opportunities for improvement, making the software a really good tool for continuous improvement, too,’ says Ben Oxford, La Trobe’s director of customer experience.

‘ISO is about transparency – documenting the processes that are attached to KPIs, identifying opportunities for improvement, and knowing how to close and action those. Nintex Promapp supports all that,’ he adds.

Making process improvement part of BAU.

Nintex Promapp’s simplicity has made it easy to get people on board and motivated to work towards the mammoth task of achieving three ISO standards for the Infrastructure and Operations Division at La Trobe.

‘Because people have found it really easy to document processes using the software, they are beginning to use the tool in their day-to-day work, too,’ says Rachel.

‘The tool helps teams understand those processes related to their work. Typically, documented processes just get stored away and forgotten, but this platform has helped engage our teams to continue to access and use the information.’

This echoes Ben’s feedback: ‘What’s so beautiful about Nintex Promapp is that it’s incredibly user friendly. It’s easy to access, it’s simple to capture processes, and process maps can quickly be reviewed, published and shared.’

Other functionality that is proving to be useful is the ability to give feedback on mapped processes, which supports the organization’s commitment to continuous improvement.

The tool’s mini mode function has also had a positive impact, making it easy to share processes with contractors, so they understand exactly what is expected of them.

Ben applauds Rachel’s team for the way they have prioritized continuous improvement, saying: ‘The Infrastructure and Operations Division devoted full-time staff to their process improvement efforts, and worked closely with the Nintex Promapp team – it’s a true partnership that continues today.’

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