Lumo wins innovation award for business transformation.

Standardized processes, reduced duplication, increased collaboration company-wide, and tangible savings for utilities company, Lumo Energy.

Business benefits.

  • 25% reduction in contacts per customer

  • 50% reduction in ombudsman complaints

  • 21% reduction in customer churn

  • 44% increase in Net Promoter Score

  • Increased employee engagement scores

  • Enhanced reporting capability

Lumo Energy is owned by Snowy Hydro Limited, one of  Australia’s largest and oldest renewable energy generators, and operates in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

When Lumo Energy won the Outstanding Innovation Category at the Global Business Excellence Awards, the  judges said: “Lumo Energy has transformed its business  with a new governance process program. Using the  Nintex Promapp solution, it has standardized 600 processes, cut  duplication and generated more collaboration throughout  the company.

“The results are astounding. Lumo Energy has seen a  25% reduction in contacts per customers, a 50%  reduction in ombudsman complaints and a 21% reduction  in customer churn. Implemented in conjunction  with a change management plan, Nintex Promapp  has done the trick and given the company’s communications and processes a common feel, and vastly  increased employee engagement scores.”

But it  wasn’t always this way. 

How Nintex Promapp helped.

With a renewed focus on process mapping standards, a business  improvement function was created. Lumo quickly  established an Executive Process Improvement Forum which  agreed on a process governance policy and approach, and drives  Lumo’s Lean Six Sigma improvement program. The  process governance policy set targets for coverage, utilization,  accuracy and continuous improvement.

Lumo needed a tool to support business process management  and help them achieve process governance targets. They  involved the business in developing requirements and knew they  wanted something centralized, that was simple to use and  collaborative. Lumo chose Nintex Promapp because it promotes  consistent process delivery, staff collaboration and ownership of  aligned processes for the whole organization. Importantly, it‘s  also simple to use.

The key challenge. 

Attempting to document all Lumo Energy’s business processes  was a problem-ridden project, resulting in a substantial amount  of money and time being wasted. Due to the pace of change,  high staff turnover (and resultant ownership issues) all they had  to show for their efforts was dust collecting on the 50 completed processes in ring-binder folders.

This meant the executive leadership had no confidence in  process documentation and needed a different model of  capturing and then improving their processes. 

The implementation.

There were two aspects to Lumo’s implementation model. The  first was the decision to group the processes by function, and  not business unit. Many processes were shared by multiple  departments who believed they did things differently, but  actually didn’t.

They needed staff to think in terms of ‘what we do’, not ‘what  business unit I’m in’, and encouraged them to step outside their  silos. The aim was to achieve simplicity and a consistent  customer experience with less effort, while encouraging  collaboration across the business.

The second aspect was to drive business ownership by getting business owners to prioritize the program and set aside resource  to capture processes. Strong leadership buy-in was  critical, a role that was filled by the Executive Process  Improvement Forum. This meant high engagement early on,  rather than the project-led approach which had failed previously  at Lumo.

Implementation was successful, with the publication of around  500 processes in the first 12 months and a high degree of  engagement which was monitored and driven through utilization  measures and communication activities. 

Positive outcomes.

First and foremost, Nintex Promapp gets teams reading, using and  improving processes.

Capturing processes in Nintex Promapp - and actually using them -  contributed directly to some fantastic business results. This  included a Net Promoter Score increase of 44%, rising to  13% from -31%. Energy retailers typically measure around  -25%. Together with significantly reduced ombudsman  complaints, Lumo also achieved greater collaboration across  the business, meaning a more inclusive culture.

Having a single source of truth for the business has made processes consistent for everyone, and enabled the ability to  consistently iron out the kinks in a process.  

Lumo’s quality assessment team also love Nintex Promapp. Now all  their agents have a clear and consistent source of truth for  their quality assessments, which has resulted in improved  quality results.

Lumo reached a point where Nintex Promapp was really central to the business. People throughout the business actually ask:  "How do I document this in Nintex Promapp?” and “I have a new intranet page, can I link to some material in Nintex Promapp?” and even “This is a great tool. I wish I had something like this at my previous place!” 


Now all their agents have a clear and  consistent source of truth for their quality  assessments, which has resulted in improved  quality results. 



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