MBIE maintains ISO 9001 to ensure reliable data.

Since replacing Visio, three busy staff members have been freed up to work on other projects, saving MBIE time and money.

Business benefits.

  • Savings in time and money

  • Easier maintenance of transparency and accuracy

  • Simpler to maintain ISO 9001 standards

  • Allows for different levels of access and security

  • Faster training and development

  • Team ownership and oversight of processes 

At the MBIE NZ Companies Office, 45 staff members deal with 400 calls and 4,000 transactions a day. They maintain 22 different registers and help other countries do the same. 

The MBIE NZ Companies Office adopted the ISO 9001  standard even before it was compulsory. Quality  assurance team leader Anita Savelio says it’s because the  stakes are high – the futures of real businesses and real  lives depend on the accuracy and reliability of the data.

‘We don’t want someone making a business decision based on our information, and go back the next day to  find that things have changed. What goes up there has to  be right the first time.’ 

Automating the complexities – saving  on cost. 

Documenting every process from start to finish by writing  everything out and manually fiddling with Visio maps was very  time consuming. In Nintex Promapp the documentation happens  automatically, and all the information appears on one screen.  That’s saved time – and money. For example, the quality assurance team used to have five very busy staff. Now there are  just two managing the processes.

Part of that increased efficiency has come from teams being able  to keep their own processes up to date. This makes sense  - the processes are more useful because they’re built with real  n-the-ground knowledge.

Quality assurance team leader, Anita, can see all these changes  as they happen. She can quickly spot any processes that haven’t  been updated and prompt the team leaders to do so.  Once the changes are signed off, they get updated automatically  for staff so everyone involved is always working  with the latest information. 

Time and effort keeping up to date.

Keeping their ISO 9001 standard and maintaining that quality  manually was a big challenge for the Companies Office. To  adhere to the best practices laid down by the standard, they  were documenting processes from start to finish, including all complexities – and there were plenty of those.

Even with a team of people keeping information up to date, a  team of two had to be responsible for tracking every process  change – an almost impossible task in a big organization. 


Who can see what and when.

The various teams at the Companies Office have different levels  of access to Nintex Promapp, depending on the information they’re  dealing with.

Sometimes it’s important to restrict information. For example, one of the teams deal with enforcement – and very sensitive  information. To keep that information confidential, the enforcement team is assigned permissions, and must log in to  the system to see the processes.

At the other end of the scale, being able to share less-sensitive  processes makes it easier to interact with other organizations  and members of the public. For example, the Companies Office provides the contact center with processes and information that  anyone can see. 


Keeping track of every change.

With the complexities of the business, keeping track of  document changes and versions is important – and not just  because it’s an ISO 9001 requirement. If there’s a problem,  the document history can be retrieved to help solve it.

In the past, tracking document changes was difficult, but not  with Nintex Promapp. Every time a staff member clicks ‘save’, a new  version of the document is created and assigned a  version number. The person who made the change is noted,  and other staff can track the changes.

‘The teams are the ones working with the process. They  know right away when something has changed – they can  easily make changes with Nintex Promapp.’ Process owners can  archive their documents knowing they can be retrieved at  any time, or deleted after a certain period. 

Nintex Promapp makes it easy.

Checking the changes, reminding team leaders and doing  reviews – it all gets done just a few times a month. With  Nintex Promapp’s automated notifications, and easy-to-use system,  the Companies Office is saving time and money, while also  achieving a higher level of accuracy and transparency in their  processes. 

‘I haven’t seen a better system. Nintex Promapp makes it easy.’ 


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