Visio not adding value for council.

Now Mildura Rural Council can track processes in one place, and engage their teams to support their commitment to continuous improvement.

Business benefits.

  • Track processes in one place

  • Succession planning

  • Engage teams in BPM

  • Consistent process improvement

Mildura Rural City Council represents and serves  approximately 51,000 people who reside in or own land within Mildura Rural City. Located in North West Victoria,  the municipality covers an area of 22,330 square kilometres. 

Mildura Rural City Council (MRCC) were using Visio and  Word to document and manage their processes, however  there was no organizational or systematic approach. This  meant they weren’t realizing the value of the processes  they had in place.

‘We found that documented processes were being kept in  many different formats and in many locations,’ says  Michelle Lobley. As corporate administration officer, she  is responsible for policy administration and the rollout  and administration of Nintex Promapp at MRCC in Australia. 

‘We needed a way to ensure all staff knowledge was  documented in a central area to assist with succession  planning. Nintex Promapp offered everything we required, plus  much more.

‘Nintex Promapp allows us to keep track of all processes throughout the organization with all processes following  the same format. It enables us to create, manage and  maintain processes and associated documents all in one  central location – this was key for us.’ 

Get your people on board.

MRCC rolled out Nintex Promapp progressively, focusing on one department at a time. ‘When other staff began hearing about Nintex Promapp and the things it could do they thought they were  missing out which really helped with engagement!’ explains  Michelle.

‘MRCC is a large council and determining the best way to roll Nintex Promapp out throughout the council was an important step. We wanted to ensure that we rolled it out in a way that staff felt comfortable with the use of a new program and were supported along the way.’ 


Process sharing between teams. 

Nintex Promapp has helped bring consistency and engagement in process capturing and improvement across business teams. ‘We now have a more consistent approach to process development;  our staff are eager to get their processes documented and find  this a simple task to complete.’

Having processes and related documentation in a central location is a big win for MRCC, says Michelle: ‘A major benefit for us has been that people are now able to easily access other areas’  processes to ensure they are completing the tasks in the  designated way.’ 



Tips for new players.

A phased approach worked best for MRCC: ‘Roll out in phases -  we trialed Nintex Promapp in one department for a number of months  before rolling it out to other areas. This was so that the  administrators could be prepared for any staff queries that may  have arisen during the wider rollout.’

Michelle advises involving your staff in the planning and  implementation stages: ‘We formed a user group encompassing  staff from all departments. It was really beneficial.’

‘The support provided by the Nintex Promapp team throughout  implementation and beyond has been fantastic, responses to our  queries are received within a few hours, and they always  listen to our suggestions and ideas on what could make Nintex Promapp more functional for our council,’ says Michelle. 

Finally, persistence is essential. ‘There are always staff who are  concerned about change, however our experience was once  teams spent time using Nintex Promapp they were able to see the great  benefit that Nintex Promapp will have on their work and the organization as a whole.’ 

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