Obex prioritizes process standardization for efficiency.

There’s no room for error in healthcare manufacturing, so updated processes that keep teams in the loop are critical.

Business benefits.

  • A transparent system for time-critical processes

  • A user-friendly and intuitive experience for staff

  • Increased communication

  • The ability to be used remotely

  • Improved efficiencies

  • Reassurance for suppliers that the correct processes are followed

Obex supplies medical professionals with implantable  devices that are used on patients in operating procedures and surgeries in hospitals and  medical practices across New Zealand. 

Playing such an important role in people’s wellbeing, means it’s important that the privately- owned company has the right tools to do its job. For  peace of mind, they’ve relied on Nintex Promapp for many  years to make sure processes are standardized and all information is captured digitally. 

Before Nintex Promapp, Obex had many manuals – often covering the same processes but slightly different versions. They also had a lot of long-serving staff with knowledge in their heads that wasn’t included in any of the manuals and no easy way  of determining compliance with the processes they had  in place. It was a manual, time-consuming  task keeping the standard operating procedures and manuals up-to-date and consistent. They felt this was an area of high risk for their business, so  began to look for a better way to manage their process information. 

A better solution.

‘Along with the advances in medical devices, thankfully there  have been significant advances in standardizing processes  too,’ Obex Director, Marketing and Sales, Operating Room and  Critical Care, Ingrid Swaffield says.

‘Nintex Promapp is now well-embedded in the culture of our company.’

Director, Marketing and Sales, Diagnostic and Medical, David  Ching agrees. He says he’ll often hear people in the office say  that they’re following the relevant Nintex Promapp process  when working through a piece of work.

‘Using Nintex Promapp has become the norm; something our
people do instinctively.’

When time matters.

As part of Obex’s senior leadership team, both Ingrid and  David agree that Nintex Promapp has added value to the way the  business operates, and this is never more evident than in  time-critical situations like product recalls.

‘There are times when one of our overseas suppliers may need to recall a certain product. As you can imagine this needs to be a transparent process – well-organized and completed as quickly as possible,’ Ingrid explains.

Another benefit Ingrid and David like is that people don’t  need to be subject matter experts to follow due processes  when dealing with a situation that’s not in their area of  expertise.

‘This is vital. By removing any ambiguity, whoever is using  the system knows what needs to be done,’ says Ingrid.

While transparency is important, David also likes the added  efficiencies that come from using Nintex Promapp, along with its  robust reporting framework. ‘Our people need to know who to  talk to, both internally and externally. We can’t afford to  waste time trying to identify the correct person,’ he says. 

Keeping processes and policies up to date.

Nintex Promapp helps the company save time when it comes to keeping processes and policies up-to-date by automatically notifying the relevant people when changes are made to  documentation.

‘This is great, as changes can’t be missed. It’s such a user- friendly system,’ David says. ‘It’s reassuring that everyone  who needs to know about a change, does. Nintex Promapp helps  drive accountability across the business.’

The company uses Nintex Promapp’s improvement add-on to  encourage staff to identify and submit suggested process improvements. Ingrid says this helps empower staff,  making them feel more engaged and able to influence how  things are done.

Exceeding expectations. 

‘Nintex Promapp is like a road map showing us how to navigate different situations – guiding us and helping drive  consistency across the board,’ says David. Ingrid agrees.  The fact that Nintex Promapp helps keep everyone in the loop  gives her reassurance that Obex is working in the most  effective way possible.

‘I hate to think what would happen without Nintex Promapp. It’s  so important for us, and our suppliers, that information is  processed correctly and approved procedures are followed.’ David Ching, Director, Marketing and Sales, Obex.

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