Merging councils tame process variations.

Process variations are identified, controlled and owned at Queanbeyan-Palerang Council to ensure standardization and improve performance.

Business benefits.

  • Smooth merger transition

  • Simpler and fewer processes

  • Teams can access relevant variations

  • Health and safety SOPs refined

  • Increased staff engagement

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Process variations are identified, controlled and owned

Queanbeyan City Council had been using Nintex Promapp for  several years for process improvement and risk engagement, prior to the merger with Palerang Council. 

Queanbeyan City Council first used Nintex Promapp for process  improvement and risk management when Damian  McFarlane, the council’s organizational excellence officer,  began the search for software to capture their processes  and support the bid for excellence.

‘We needed something that was simple and userfriendly,’ says Damian. ‘We wanted the people to do the job  themselves, not a process team. Nintex Promapp stood out for  usability.’

After Queanbeyan City Council merged with  Palerang Council to become Queanbeyan-Palerang  Regional Council, they were looking for a tool to facilitate  the transition. They needed the ability to create standard processes, and then add variations to cover different scenarios or work streams. Nintex Promapp’s process variant management add-on fit the bill. 

A smooth transition.

The process variant management add-on was the perfect tool for  the transition, as councils are often complex and wide- ranging organizations.

Merging two councils together had the potential to be a long and  painful experience – but not with Nintex Promapp’s process variant  management add-on. Damian was able to capture both  former councils’ processes and train staff on the new software.   He built systems that were reflections of one another, which  made the transition easier.

‘The process variant management  add-on helps combine similar processes into one. Once they’re all captured, we can review and change or eliminate some of the  variations so we can settle on the new standard process  that’s best for our customers.’ 


The process variant management add-on helps combine similar processes into one. 



Getting simpler day-to-day.

Council processes are often massive webs of interlocked actions  and notes. Untangling the process webs of two councils could  have been a daunting task, but the process variant add-on made it much simpler. Refining the complex webs into a few standard  processes and clear variations meant that council staff would  find it all much easier to access and understand.

‘Once the processes are refined and standardized, with the  variations in place, they can be assigned to the right people by  default. For example, the mobile workforce will be able to access  their own particular process variations.’ 


Health and safety as part of the process.

In any workplace, there are health and safety standards that  need to be followed. Each workplace has unique requirements,  and two merging councils face a wide range of complex health  and safety regulations, each with its own process.

Damian relied on Nintex Promapp to incorporate both former councils’  health and safety components into one system that captured  processes and standard operating procedures (SOP).

With Nintex Promapp’s process variant management add-on a base set of SOPs were established, each with a set of variations for  specific activities, rather than the thousands of SOPs staff had  struggled with before.

‘We’ll have an SOP for, say, manual handling, and a variation for  lifting manhole covers or lifting things into trucks. When each  team logs in, they see their common SOP, and then they can  pick the relevant variation,’ says Damian. 

A whole lot less admin.

Before, with multiple, similar processes, Damian had to send  out multiple notifications each time a process changed. In a  rapidly changing world, that happens a lot. With the process  variant management add-on, each change to the base  process is reflected throughout the process variations, and  every stakeholder gets notified at the same time.

Project management will get streamlined too, Damian says. ‘With our project management process, we have to go  through certain gates to get approvals. The process  variations we’ve been able to create around approvals will  speed that up.’ 

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