Managing process variations helps to reduce risk.

When Regional Australia Bank gave the right people access to the right processes, their customer service improved and staff confidence grew.

Business benefits.

  • No longer managing multiple versions of the same process

  • Simpler, easier access to the right process variation

  • More staff trust in processes

  • Streamlined process administration

  • Support for ongoing improvement

  • Improved customer service

For almost 50 years, member-owned Regional Australia  Bank has had a reputation for being flexible and personable and for making the complex simple. That  approach has seen it grow to become a premier alternative to the ‘Big Four’ banks.

Regional Australia Bank always tries to ensure their teams are working with up-to-date processes, so they can  deliver a seamless experience to both their  customers and to each other. But as Business Performance Improvement Team Manager Jaid Dawson  explains, in the lending space, things had started to get  more complex.

They were dealing with a number of  organizational changes, and slightly different lending  processes for different loan products, users and channels.  That resulted in duplicate processes, with each  needing to be updated any time something changed. That,  of course, was an administrative headache, and  meant things were inevitably missed, resulting in a matrix  of processes that were slightly out of date.

“As you evolve your processes you realise there are little  differences. So you find work arounds – you duplicate and  tweak processes or try to collapse them into a single  process. We tried to manage process variations in a  number of ways.” 

Regaining staff trust in the processes.

Nintex Promapp’s Process Variant Management (PVM) functionality  makes it easier to keep those multiple processes up to date, Jaid  says, simply because there wouldn’t be multiple processes  anymore.

PVM allows Regional Australia Bank to establish a standard  process – the basic process – and then add subtle process  variations as required. That means after a compliance or  legislative shift, or a process review, the Regional Australia Bank  team has only the one standard process to amend. If  applicable, the change will flow through to the process variations  as well.

This gives staff much more confidence in the processes, which  has a positive flow-on effect for their customers. Jaid says PVM  also supports discussions around creating a lending best- practice, and their ongoing drive for improvement.

The exercise of adapting their lending processes into the  'standard + variations’ way of working was valuable in itself,  says Jaid. It helped them uncover and clarify their core  activities, making it easier to identify opportunities to improve.

“It complements the organisational desire for a continuous improvement culture. It will help us uncover some real pain- points and identify the root cause of these.”  

Eroding staff confidence.

Business Performance Improvement Team Manager Regional  Australia Bank As the number of processes multiplied, and  keeping them up to date became more complicated, staff trust in  the processes that should have been the single point of truth  started to erode.

As Jaid says, this would inevitably lead to staff just relying on  each other to learn how to do things. “We wanted to make the  admin side simple, so teams would have more con dence that  the processes they were following were correct and up to date.” 

Simplicity empowers teams.

While PVM obviously simpli es and streamlines the management  of processes for the process owners, it has also made things  easier for the end user.

Regional Australia Bank teams can now  readily access the process variation they need, when they need it. There’s no time spent searching through multiple versions of  the process they need, or having to double check they’re using  the right one. PVM, says Jaid, has made it fast and simple for  staff to locate the information they need – which is better for  staff morale and ultimately for their customers’ experience too.

Jaid says staff reaction to the new approach to managing  process variations has been extremely enthusiastic – like any  system that seems to fit perfectly, PVM feels like a simple,  logical solution that has been incorporated into their business as  if it‘s always been there. 

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