Ricoh’s commitment to quality yields success.

Nintex Promapp software helps Ricoh to adhere to quality and compliance standards in the midst of acquisitions and expansion.

Business benefits.

  • Streamlined operation and compliance management

  • Improved communication with staff out in the field

  • Processes owned by subject matter experts

  • A more consistent customer experience

  • Faster onboarding of new staff

  • Removal of ambiguity with a library of frequently used acronyms and terms

Ricoh is a global technology company, best known in  Australia for its familiar range of office equipment and services including printers, projectors, document management systems and IT services. Headquartered  in Sydney, Ricoh Australia maintains branches in all  mainland capital cities.

New services herald a time of change.

Ricoh’s Australian operations have been through enormous change. Acquisitions and expansion into new  markets, including the development of highly successful  professional services and IT services arms, had resulted  in the company doubling in size.

Part of the reason for Ricoh’s success is the company’s  commitment to quality. Declan O’Reilly, business  excellence manager, oversees an excellence group which  is tasked with ensuring adherence to quality and  compliance requirements, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001,  ISO 27001 and the CarbonZero environmental  standard which attests to Ricoh’s carbon-neutral  operations.

To manage quality processes, Ricoh has long relied on an  internally-developed quality management software  system. Created a number of years ago, the system  became disparate, with information stored in a variety of  places. There was no clear-cut ownership of processes.

‘We had procedures stored in one location, processes in  another and forms in another. This made it cumbersome  to maintain. We were struggling to keep the quality  system up to date.’ Declan O’Reilly, Business Excellence  Manager, Ricoh Australia 

‘We had procedures stored in one location, processes in another and forms in another. This made it cumbersome to maintain. We were  struggling to keep the quality system up to date.’ 


Process ownership belongs with the subject matter experts.

To avoid problems with outdated or inaccurate processes, Ricoh  wanted to replace their quality system with a new tool that  would enable them to impose dates for review of content. It also had to make process information accessible to all employees,  including those working out in the field. Nintex Promapp was chosen as  the tool to solve these problems.

To test its suitability, Ricoh began with a one-month pilot project  involving four areas of the business – the business  excellence team, HR, product strategy and IMACD, Ricoh’s asset  management group. Two weeks into the project all team  members agreed Nintex Promapp was working well and there was no  need to continue with the pilot. Ricoh Australia moved ahead and replaced its quality system with Nintex Promapp. 


A major benefit was the ability to nominate an expert within a  procedure. This removed doubt about ownership and ensured  users could easily identify who to turn to if they needed more  information. It also allowed information systems to be included  as part of the procedure documentation. 

With each new process, the benefits accrue.

Some teams have created content regarding procedures tailored  for certain customers. This has allowed Ricoh to centrally capture information about specific customer requirements such  as how a company needs to be billed, the protocol for service calls, or delivery arrangements. Similar to internal users,  customers are invited to provide feedback on any of the content  and this is sent directly to the relevant teams in charge of the  procedure.

‘These teams have taken this approach one step further by  socializing the procedures, and sharing the information with  customers to ensure the information is captured accurately. The  customers love this degree of transparency. Some have even put  the links to the processes on their own websites, so if their  staff have any questions about the relationship with Ricoh, they  can click on the link to see a read-only version of our  procedures.’ 

‘Users can follow the customer life cycle – from how we launch a  machine, to how we sell it to the customer, how we fulfil  orders, bill customers, provide service over the course of the  machine’s life and how we collect the machine at the end of its  life.

This is changing the mindset around the company and helps  to ensure a consistent experience for the customer, no  matter who they deal with.’  

A future of continuous improvement.

‘We weren’t expecting to see benefits until a few months in.  Instead we began seeing benefits almost immediately. What  we expect now is that as we expand the Nintex Promapp footprint in  Ricoh, we will continue to get feedback from users and  customers, and that in turn will enable us to keep on  improving our knowledge, content and procedures.’ 

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