Rinnai immediately sees the positive impact of using Nintex Promapp.

Business benefits.

  • ‘No surprises’ management of health, safety and risk

  • Simplified auditing

  • Standardized, centralized process information

  • A better-informed, more confident board

  • Faster, more efficient staff onboarding

  • Less time updating process systems

Rinnai is the world’s most innovative heating appliance manufacturer and widely regarded as the global industry leader. That status didn’t come overnight. It’s the result of the company’s focus on continually improving their products and business at every level.

Rinnai New Zealand began using Nintex Promapp not in reaction to any specific inefficiencies or issues, but because they saw it as a tool that would help them continue to be better now and in the future.

As Rinnai’s quality assurance manager Kevin Sherlock sees it, improvement is inherent and essential to the business.

‘The Japanese culture says we’ve got to keep improving because our competitors are. If we sit back, we won’t be  the company we are in ten years.’

A Kaizen approach? ‘Let me put it this way,’ says Kevin.  'Our company chairman lives on the same street as Mr  Toyota.’ 

Clawing back time.

Nintex Promapp was used to align, streamline and centralize processes  throughout the organization. Its usability had immediate effect  on the financial department particularly says Helen Worsop, the  company’s financial controller.

Nintex Promapp also helps Rinnai make sure they stay ISO 9001  compliant - it saves time, effort and disruption during an audit.  New staff are onboarded much more quickly – Nintex Promapp is so  simple to use, staff can all but train themselves.

Kevin says Nintex Promapp’s simplicity compared to other systems has  netted them time savings. ‘Then there’s the amount of effort you  put into keeping a process up to date. With Nintex Promapp, it’s simple. It doesn’t take hours like it does with Visio.’ 


Healthier and safer every day.

Unsurprisingly, those efficiencies weren’t the end of the story for  Rinnai NZ and their culture of improvement.

Kevin saw an opportunity to use Nintex Promapp to make health and  safety and risk management an unconscious part of the day-to- day business, at every level.

Doing so wouldn’t just better protect the business and its  people, there would also be the inevitable efficiencies. With  information no longer ‘tucked away in dusty folders’, people were  no longer surprised by reports that demanded  improvements or changes in their work.

‘We might do an internal audit on whether we were following  existing processes and how to improve. Reported on paper, that  relies on you to remember the changes, and for managers to  remember to remind you. Nintex Promapp makes that information available all the time.’

That, he says, means that recording improvements on Nintex Promapp  as made managing risks a natural, gradual part of their work. 

‘People didn’t know what was expected of them. Now they can  check to see what’s on the list to do. It’s more dynamic; the  system can be updated as soon as someone spots something.’

Because everyone’s better informed and they can easily access  up-to-date processes, managers can spend less time overseeing  staff. Kevin says it allows for more delegation – which is not just  good for managers, it also gives staff room to take on more responsibility and grow in their roles. 

Better board oversight, better business.

The company’s board also appreciates being able to review information from Nintex Promapp more quickly. Understandably, health and safety is a key focus, as is risk management. By  reviewing the same data as their people, the board gets a  clear, unfettered view – and a great deal of comfort.

‘We’re all using the same information. They get the raw data,  so they know for sure that they’re seeing the real  picture.’

He says the board is also now better armed to be proactive  and ‘apply downward pressure’.

‘It’s had a real impact on the business. They’ve got better  info, so they’re asking better questions.’ 



Continuous improvement to stay ahead of competitors.

Fundamentally, Kevin sees Nintex Promapp as a system that helps engage staff and embed a culture of improvement, from the  shop floor to the board room – something that will help  Rinnai maintain its leadership position. 

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