Killer combo for leading Australian bank: BPM and RPA.

A leading Australian bank has had great success using Nintex Promapp to manage their business processes, while  automating manual, repetitive tasks with bots.

The  organization first captured core processes on Nintex Promapp’s  BPM platform, and then identified opportunities to  introduce robotics to automate manual tasks.

They started with five bots, and the ROI was so rapid (in  some cases as short as a couple of months) that it  validated the RPA program and resulted in further  opportunities being explored.

The bank opted for a business-led model for  developing the RPA activities - 90% of the effort and  build time comes from their teams, not from external consultants or their IT department.

How the use of BPM software has helped.

Using Nintex Promapp gives them the ability to own and manage RPA activities within core processes.

  • Both bots and humans play a role in managing core banking  processes. It’s important to have clarity of handshake between  these activities.
  • Processes clearly identify the interaction points between bot  and human activities, including points of human verification –  the bots report what was and wasn’t performed, and why.
  • Nintex Promapp processes capture the happy path and notes are  used to record bot exceptions. It didn’t make sense to build an  infinite set of scenarios for all exceptions, as that amount of  complexity would outweigh the benefits. Instead the business  uses Nintex Promapp notes to describe error codes, why they occurred,  and what needs to be done next in response.
  • Nintex Promapp is also used to document what the bots are designed  to do, significantly improving the visibility of RPA  activities. This ensures there is no ̔black box‘ scenario and allows  for easier maintenance and issue resolution when  required.
  • Teams and external consultants involved in the project  appreciate the governance that Nintex Promapp enables, along with  clearly outlined responsibilities. Although many oorganizations  successfully implement the RPA steps, some struggle with  managing the bots and processes. 

What’s next?

The bank is considering introducing AI into workflow distribution. This could free up team leaders from making  routing decisions - jobs could be automatically routed to a  new learner for example or, if there is time pressure, to the  fastest team. 

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