Managing process variations across global offices.

SAI Global achieves process standardization and high levels of engagement, resulting in increased accountability.

Business benefits.

  • Process consistency across different locations

  • Increased business group ownership

  • Process standardization

  • Controlled process variation

  • Improved collaboration

SAI Global provides organizations around the world with  Information services and solutions for managing risk,  Achieving compliance and driving business improvement.

With offices across the globe, more than 1,000 staff, and  Different technology platforms, SAI Global Assurance  services had a tough job to implement a single, global  Process management system. Nintex Promapp is delivering the  Perfect solution - with real business benefits.

SAI Global provides organizations around the world with  Information services and solutions for managing risk,  Achieving compliance and business improvement advice.  sAI Global’s assurance services operation provides  Assessments of organizational management systems,  Undertakes product certification and delivers related  Training services.

The global nature of the SAI Global business meant that  Prior to implementing Nintex Promapp, there was a great deal of  Variation in processes across SAI Global’s offices.

As manager of the process improvement implementation, Amel Tannous spent considerable time investigating  Various process management systems and found  Nintex Promapp to be the tool that best met their needs. 

Managing process variations.

SAI Global started with a phased implementation of the cloud- Based software across the business. Nintex Promapp has now been  Successfully adopted across SAI Global‘s international network,  Including Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, and Mexico. Further implementations are scheduled for their Asian  and European offices.

There are more than 650 Nintex Promapp users currently within SAI  Global, and user numbers are expected to continue growing. At  last count Amel estimates the organization has about 260  processes. 


Among the many business benefits delivered to date was the  complete review of SAI Global processes, now streamlined  between the countries. ‘There was some initial resistance to  standardization due to a belief that processes would intrinsically  vary between different countries and different regions,’ says  Amel.

‘But the Nintex Promapp rollout quickly highlighted the similarities  between our inter-country processes, even with the use of  different IT systems across some offices.’ 

 Giving ownership back to the user groups.

Amel feels that another major business benefit has been  giving ownership back to the business groups, encouraging  them to be accountable for their respective processes, and  enabling teams to embed them in their daily roles with  consistency – truly working to one process.

‘We’ve also focused on bringing it back to basics by applying  the 80/20 rule – that is, basing the processes around the  majority, not focusing on the exceptions,’ she says.

Reports from across the company are showing examples of  how the system is being embraced at all levels, and  ultimately encouraging collaboration within the organization.

Amel believes that Nintex Promapp will help reduce induction and  training time for new or promoted employees. Staff can use  Nintex Promapp to view the responsibilities of their role and the  processes associated with it, all within an easy to follow, drill  down structure.

‘We need one way of doing things so our international offices  can work together. From the smallest office in Europe to the  Sydney-based head office, it’s helped all staff put their global  hats on,’ says Amel. 


‘We were ultimately looking at a better way to roll out our  processes to our teams. With a decentralized structure, we  needed the best product available to deliver our processes in  a consistent and timely manner.’


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