Lean initiatives are well-supported.

More than 20 improvement ideas are raised at Soar Print per month, boosting quality and efficiency, and minimizing rework.

Business benefits.

  • Resolved quality issues

  • Improved turnaround times

  • Updated processes, real time

  • Engaged staff

  • Centralized processes, accessible to teams

  • Lean initiatives, supported

Dissatisfied with the rise in quality issues and the  increase in turnaround times, the team at Soar Print knew it was time for change.

Staff were rarely using existing processes and procedures  which were wordy, unclear and hard to find. 

Operating in a fast-paced environment, Soar Print are a  24-hour operation with an account management team  available around the clock. Printers work three shifts a  day, six days a week.

The business has ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, with  performance targets set for all aspects of their business  including staff training, print production, quality control  and plant maintenance.

The fact that changes to processes were difficult to make  and therefore time consuming, didn’t help to ease their  already heavy workload. And once the process changes  were completed, it was tricky to see which edits were the  most recent ones. 

Committed to excellence.

As a leading printing services company, Soar Print continually  focus on their business performance. When lean and process  management were identified as key requirements for continued  success, the business set about implementing changes to meet  those demands.

To achieve their lean objectives, Soar Print committed to being  part of an Auckland Lean Cluster, and Nintex Promapp was selected to  resolve their process management concerns.

A winning combination.

While lean focuses on how to make processes effective, Nintex Promapp provides the platform for easy visual representation and enables  effective change management of processes and procedures.

Continuous improvement is a major driver at Soar Print, so  Nintex Promapp’s improvement add-on has been particularly beneficial to their business. Along with helping them improve their  processes, they can also capture and track improvement  opportunities, which often originate from their teams on the floor  who are encouraged to submit ideas for process  improvement.

Root cause analysis has also improved the organization’s  efficiencies by helping them to identify issues that cause rework.  By tracking those and assigning them to staff, they can see a visual representation of their progress on a dashboard. 

Business improvement never ends.

When opportunities for process improvement are managed using Nintex Promapp, it facilitates a focus on being effective and  lean. Between 20 and 30 improvement ideas are raised per  month and efficiently managed by shop floor teams.

Process  milestones are built into business procedures to ensure they  are followed every time, and Nintex Promapp is updated with process improvements as they are implemented. For  example, when the opportunity to adjust shift changeovers  was identified, it saved 30 minutes of lost production every  day.

The new way of working, which became standard practice,  was immediately updated in Nintex Promapp with gains made  straight away. 

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