Consistent customer experience for all regions.

St John’s processes are clear, updated in real time, and accessible to staff anywhere, anytime, supporting a team of roving officers.

Business benefits.

  • Improved staff induction and training

  • Staff members have defined set of processes to follow

  • Continuous live updates and improvements to processes

  • Processes are relevant to workflows and accessible to staff anywhere, anytime

  • Simplified accreditation process

St John is the largest primary care provider in New  Zealand and provides emergency ambulance service to nearly 90% of New Zealanders. 

St John provides a range of care-related community and commercial services, including medical alarms and  an emergency telephone response service to at risk individuals nationally through their Telecare and Home  Health division.

The Telecare division is charged with installing thousands of medical alarms in the homes of clients who have a diverse range of medical and other needs  across the country. It then monitors the alarm through  a 24-hour telephone service staffed by consultants who  triage distress calls to ensure an appropriate  response. 

The key driver for the implementation of Nintex Promapp was  the consolidation of four regional business units under  a national umbrella. ‘We all operated under the same  brand but were not entirely consistent. We recognized  a real need to ensure a consistent customer experience  if we were going to outstrip the  competition and be the best in the market. The best  way to achieve this was through a common set of  processes,’ explains William Hughes, National Telecare  and Home Health Manager. 

Practical and efficient solution. 

Added to this pressing driver was an upcoming requirement  for a significant segment of the healthcare industry to gain  accreditation in order to become an approved government  supplier – a process that called for an independent audit of processes.

A number of features set Nintex Promapp apart. One was its track  record internally – it had been trialed for the ambulance  operations part of the business so it was already familiar. The  primary reason was its online tablet application – the easiest,  most practical and cost-effective way to adequately support a  team of some 60 roving field officers. 

Quick staff buy-in after implementation. 

St John assigned three promasters to champion the updating and migration of all their business processes to  Nintex Promapp, under close guidance from the Nintex Promapp support  team. Each was selected from a key business area to ensure the relevance and accuracy of the work concerned.

‘Step one after assigning the promasters was for them to  consult with managers and end users to develop a first  cut. From that point, there was plenty of testing,  refinement and improvement. Within six months we had strong adoption. Because Nintex Promapp enables us to track  access and use, we were confident that the system was  affecting the kind of behavioral changes we wanted,’  proclaimed Hughes.

Hughes identified a number of key benefits from having  processes that are current and available to all staff,  whenever and wherever they need them. Prior to  Nintex Promapp’s introduction, processes were in place but they were not live and accessible. The result, over time, was a  wide spectrum of something that looked like a single  process but, because of variations made to it over time by  different individuals, was not.

Retraining and relearning, rather than just translating old  processes into the system, was a key part of the Nintex Promapp  implementation and migration. This has provided a  valuable opportunity to improve processes across the  entire business, so they are more effective and more  relevant.

St John now has full confidence that new staff members  have a defined and documented set of processes to follow.  There is no grey area. This has improved induction  and training of new staff.  

‘The key improvements are in agility and availability. Processes  are now relevant to our workflows  and accessible to staff anywhere,  anytime. Nintex Promapp has enabled our  processes to become a living,  integral part of our business  operations.’ 


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