Onboarding and training add-on helps Tararua Council.

Tararua Council tracks and records staff skill sets and functions by utilizing existing processes, with Nintex Promapp's onboarding and training add-on.

Business benefits.

  • Provides comprehensive view of roles

  • Facilitates continuity in roles with new staffing

  • Enables identification and capture of ad hoc training activities

  • Enhances employment induction process

  • Overview of staff training or personnel training with management systems

Tararua District Council uses Nintex Promapp to capture their 800+ processes, related to governing and managing the district’s interests. This includes administering various services and facilities like running libraries, health and safety, council elections and day-to-day business activities.

Tararua Council recently elevated its business process management (BPM) success, capturing the corporate knowledge of what its teams do day-to-day, in one place, with Nintex Promapp’s onboarding and training add-on.

This means that new staff joining the council can be productive almost immediately, and can act with confidence within the guardrails that processes related to their roles provide.

A comprehensive view of who does what.

Interestingly, when long-standing employees reviewed their processes in preparation for leaving the council, they found that captured processes only related to 90% of their day. Many of the small things they did without thinking, although important, didn’t feature in their captured processes.

‘Managers quickly realized that with Nintex Promapp’s onboarding and training add-on they could easily identify and fill the gaps in what their teams are actually doing every day,’ says Peter Wimsett, Deputy Chief Executive - Manager Strategy & District Development at Tararua District Council.

Once the council identified this shortcoming, they were able to make plans to avoid the reactive response required to correct problems arising from this knowledge gap.

‘The x-factor of the onboarding and training add-on is that it can assist organizations to track and record staff skill sets and functions by utilizing the existing processes.

'It becomes pretty clear when processes have not been mapped, meaning these get done before staff leave us. New staff understand the breadth of their new roles and how to consistently perform tasks. They love Nintex Promapp!’ says Peter.

A sense of security leads to confidence.

An important future challenge for Tararua Council is to seamlessly onboard new councilors. ‘Giving councilors access to processes when and where they need them has increased elected members’ confidence that they are part of a well-run business, plus they get to tangibly use the business processes,’ noted Peter.

The leadership team can rest assured that governance is taken care of, and the council is organized and well represented by successfully onboarded candidates.

‘By giving people the right information at the right time with Nintex Promapp, they almost immediately buy in to the BPM platform as our delivery mechanism for making sure we consistently do things well,’ says Peter.

Transparency during recruitment. 

The onboarding and training add-on benefits existing and new team members alike. Experienced team members aren’t continually being interrupted to provide guidance and answer questions, and new starters are immediately clear on what they should do, saving time and reducing costs related to human error.

Because the council knows exactly what processes are involved in a particular job function, they can post an accurate job advertisement and provide a comprehensive job description. Questions during the interview process can be targeted, and explanations about functions and duties are clear.

Candidates can make a well-informed decision before accepting a role, and they get the sense that they are joining an organization that is well managed. The council saves on the cost of recruitment-gone-wrong, avoiding the need to recruit for the same role all over again.

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