Nintex Promapp replaces Visio at Tararua Council.

Risk of non-compliance reduced by implementing clear processes that facilitate the smooth delivery of services to Tararua Council customers.

Business benefits.

  • Reduced risk of non-compliance with regulation

  • Cost savings with a reduction in errors

  • Improved induction process

  • Process mapping in 1/7th of the time

  • Collaboration with other councils in

  • Australia and NZ to build best practice

  • Improved accountability and oversight

The Tararua District Council found gaps between what  they understood their processes to be and what they  actually were. Then they switched to Nintex Promapp - and they  haven’t looked back.

In the compliance-focused local government, clear processes are key to the smooth delivery of a diverse  range of services. After seeing other councils using the  system, Peter Wimsett, the council’s manager of strategy  and district development, tested Nintex Promapp against their existing system, Visio. The results, he says, justified the  initial capital investment.

‘We timed mapping a set of processes in Visio, and then in  Nintex Promapp. And it took one seventh of the time to do in  Nintex Promapp. Our confidence was boosted even more when  we talked to Nintex Promapp, and experienced the passion they have for the product experience.’


Reducing risk, saving money.

The council intends using Nintex Promapp to create a clear induction  process for new councilors. This reduces the risk from newly- elected members not understanding the council protocol. Before  having a new Nintex Promapp induction process, an issue arose after  three councilors weren’t properly briefed on the council’s Iwi  relationships. Helping the council avoid those sorts of mistakes,  which can be very expensive, also proves Nintex Promapp’s value, says  Peter.  

Oversight and accountability.

Local governance requires careful oversight of a diverse range of  services. For management, having clear processes in place  increases the visibility of job functions and reduces silo  mentality.

Peter says management can see that people are following  correct processes, which increases their accountability and, more  importantly, ‘the chance that they get it right the first  time, which is far more satisfying for the staff member, and  everyone really!’

‘You can say “That’s not the process.” You can demonstrate quickly if they’re off target. That creates accountability for  management too, to make sure the processes are right in the  first place.’

Keeping compliant.

Legislation changes frequently, which often results in council  processes also having to change quickly.

Normal flowchart  systems can be very time consuming and expensive to update.  Nintex Promapp allows more autonomy for staff responsible for implementing the changes to processes, which supports the council management’s style of enabling people to do their job rather than prescribing it.

A platform staff can engage with.

Staff engagement is key to successful process systems.  Nintex Promapp is working well for the council because of good buy- in from their staff, who take the initiative to contribute to  process improvement.

Peter sees that as key: without engagement from staff, the  council felt that other systems wouldn’t be used and would  date rapidly.


Using Nintex Promapp to create easy-to-follow  processes, there is less risk that people will make mistakes. 



Building best practice.

Nintex Promapp built a Local Government Shared Process Library  where councils have access to over 2,500 processes, created  and shared by other councils. This, says Peter, doesn’t just  make things faster, it also gives them a platform to develop  best practice processes.

‘Now I can say “Has any one done swimming pools?” and I  get all the swimming pool processes – it’s great.’ Peter says  that willingness to take suggestions also shows what kind of  company Nintex Promapp is – and that’s a big part of why he’s such  an advocate. 

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