Process champion drives BPM benefit.

System tagging helps Thrifty identify processes impacted by system changes, resulting in the smooth implementation of new software.

Business benefits.

  • Improvement in Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

  • Up-to-date, easy-to-manage processes

  • Instantly accessible processes in one place

  • System tagging identify processes impacted by system changes

  • Smooth implementation of new software

  • Training documents linked to live processes.

Owned by the National Roads and Motor Association (NRMA), car rental company Thrifty New Zealand has  around 150 staff taking care of operations and processes  across 30 locations.

A few years ago, the Thrifty management team in New  Zealand recognized the need to update their processes  and to upgrade the system they used to manage the  rental of their cars. Everything they had was paper-based,  time consuming and very out of date, and staff  had no easy access to processes.

Having a process champion to drive process improvement  efforts can position organizations for business process  management (BPM) success. Thrifty understood this and  appointed Jackie Reid to fill the role of process champion.

Jackie had worked with Nintex Promapp before and was on a  mission to help Thrifty’s teams get instant access to processes that were up to date and easy to manage. She  also wanted to ensure a smooth transition to the new car- rental system with minimum effort from the already-busy  teams. Everyone would need to know what was changing  and how that would impact them. 

Dream project, thanks to Nintex Promapp.

The plan to upgrade the system they used for renting out cars  could have been a tricky operation. Many processes were  affected by the changeover, so managing them through the  operational system change was critical.

To maximize everyone’s efforts, when processes were captured  and published, all processes associated with the car-rental  system were tagged using the system tagging function within  Nintex Promapp. This meant teams were able to identify, at a glance,  exactly which processes were affected by the system change. 


The Thrifty team then got together with their users and software  vendors for a series of process discovery workshops.  in the workshops, they divided the processes between each  area, looking at how things were done before the change and  how they would look after the change. Using the outcomes of  the workshops, they updated each process to prepare for the  system change.

̔We used those updated processes throughout the whole project  - they were helpful in the testing, training and implementation of  the system.̓ Jackie Reid, Nintex Promapp Champion.

The process to  replace the car-rental system took just nine months. Jackie says  it’s the shortest, most successful project she has ever worked  on. 


‘The system tags were an absolute godsend. I just printed off a  system map and it showed me everything that I needed to  know. It meant we were up to date with all the processes when  we went live.’



Thrifty’s head office and the senior leadership team were  impressed by how smoothly the project ran, and how easy it was  to identify the processes that would be impacted. That, Jackie says, was down to using Nintex Promapp. 

Buy-in from everyone.

Having all the processes up-to-date by go-live meant that teams had access to processes they knew they could trust  Right from the get go, resulting in increased team  engagement. Through monitoring and tracking, the  organization can see that staff find the system extremely  useful in their day-to-day activities – they’re checking in with  the system, on average, more than 2,000 times a  month. 

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