Standardized processes fast-track product implementation.

Tribal Group is a market-leading provider of software products and services for the education sector. Originally from the UK, they now have a global presence, employing over 1000 staff, with thousands of educational institutions using their products.

Business benefits.

  • Standardized processes fast track deployment

  • Controlled process variation

  • Processes to share with customers

  • Improved professionalism of customer collateral

  • A more consistent customer experience

The success of one of Tribal Group’s leading products - SITS:Vision - was how highly configurable it was. It was also one of their greatest implementation challenges. To meet new market drivers, they wanted to improve the experience for customers by standardizing and fast tracking their service offering.

Initially Nintex Promapp was implemented to support a new customer delivery approach. After realizing the business benefits in this space, Tribal plan to expand their use of Nintex Promapp to other parts of the business.

Standardize and share - a different way to use Nintex Promapp.

Rather than simply mapping and improving internal processes, Tribal Group use Nintex Promapp as an integral part of their delivery approach. At the start of a software implementation Tribal shares with customers the library of process models that map to configuration, and can be universally applied across institutions.

This has been particularly helpful for customers to understand the processes that support a framework build, and process variations that may require further configuration.

Prue Beams, Tribal Group’s transformation and change lead, says: ‘The vision was to create a seamless experience for our customers. Our aim was to develop process models that we can share with our customers, that represent our standard approach.’

Nintex Promapp has helped Tribal Group to centralize and standardize their delivery collateral, ensuring a consistent customer experience. Some customers have even been provided with login details for a read-only version of Nintex Promapp. That way they can see how the Tribal Group software will work for them, and assess where potential changes to existing ways of working may be.

Prue Beams explains: ‘Nintex Promapp, as part of our wider delivery approach, enables rapid deployment of our software, saving our customers time and money.’

Information accessible by all.

Phase one of the Tribal Group project was to find and record key processes – but this wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Like many large companies, Tribal Group had a huge number of processes, but lacked a centralized storage system.

Some processes were stored as Visio maps, with inconsistent styles and levels of detail. Others were on staff laptops, some of which had been created for certain customers, but had never been shared across the team.

Prue explains: ‘We were not leveraging the full knowledge of our consultants across the global business, as we didn’t have a central repository or consistent approach to process documentation.’

By capturing these key processes in Nintex Promapp, they’re now available to the entire team, whenever they’re needed. And it saves the time it would potentially take to recreate them at each new customer implementation.

‘We needed to upskill our junior consultants and get other members of the team across more areas of our software. If specialist consultants were unavailable, it could cause delays in our ability to give timely advice to our customers. We also wanted a resource for our consultants to turn to if someone more experienced in the area wasn’t available to help out,’ says Prue.

Implementation issues.

Prue explains that, unlike many businesses, they took a ground-up, rather than top-down approach. Their aim was to prove the benefits to one business area before trying to get the wider business on board.

Prue says overcoming resistance and existing preferences was the most difficult part. ‘But when they saw the changes Nintex Promapp could offer, people were converted,’ she concludes.

Looking to the future.

Nintex Promapp is now an integral part of Tribal Group’s sales and deployment process, and an invaluable source of information for teams.

Because the initial implementation has been successful and well-received, the business is looking for other ways to use Nintex Promapp.

Prue explains: ‘We want to improve on what we’ve achieved, and expand Nintex Promapp into more areas.’

With hundreds of products, services, and staff all over the world, there will be no shortage of opportunities. 


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