Effective processes and controls aid risk management.

World Vision minimizes risks and improves accountability by storing and managing their processes in a central location.

Business benefits.

  • Centralized repository - access templates and process maps in one place

  • Easy and intuitive to use

  • Simplified risk management

  • Scheduled reviews for ongoing improvement

  • Peace of mind for management

  • Better visibility improves accountability

For 45 years, World Vision New Zealand has been  dedicated to raising both awareness and funds for  children and families in need around the world. World  Vision currently supports 44 projects in 25 countries. 

World Vision works with communities, local governments  and other agencies to provide long term solutions for  struggling communities. The generosity from Kiwi  supporters is turned into lifechanging aid: everything  from clean water to schools to disaster relief.

World Vision previously had processes documented in  multiple places and was managing their risk register via  Excel spreadsheets, which meant it was difficult to  ascertain whether effective processes and controls were  in place. They needed a better way to manage processes  and risks to ensure better adherence and accountability.

World Vision’s GM of finance and operations had used  Nintex Promapp in a previous business. After comparing  Nintex Promapp with a few other systems on offer, the team  found its simplicity, centralized information repository  and consistency suited their needs perfectly. 


Staff buy-in and process champions.

They started by mapping the things that everyone needs to  know - what the team calls ‘World Vision wide’ processes. This is  basic operational information, like how to apply for annual  leave or how to use help desk support. The team met with  resistance at first – this was seen as just another admin task. 

With training and support from Nintex Promapp and the appointment of  process champions, the project team were able to  demonstrate that it would genuinely simplify everyone’s lives.

Once staff started seeing processes in Nintex Promapp, they understood  how easy it was to use and how much it would  improve their daily work. From there, they began using it more  and more. The Nintex Promapp team is still on call - ready to help and responsive to any questions staff have. The World Vision team  says this support has been invaluable. 

Making it part of the routine.

Staff are using Nintex Promapp as their first port of call. Once the main  processes had been mapped, people discovered the ease and  simplicity of being able to access centralized information.

The risk and compliance module has made adhering to risk  requirements much simpler too. A quarterly compliance process  has been implemented, giving risk owners greater peace of  mind. They know controls are in place and that correct processes  are being followed.

Processes pertaining to any new project or system are mapped  in Nintex Promapp, which makes training much easier. This cuts down  on time spent trying to find documents and looking up how to do  things.

Staff now also have the ability to analyze the way
they do things and change things for the better.

Working smarter, doing more good. 

As World Vision continues to do good work around the world, they also continue their quest for ongoing improvement – the  more efficiently they work, the more good they can do.  They’d already seen major improvements in their process  management after just a year of using Nintex Promapp. With more  visible processes, the team is finding new ways to do things  better every day. In an organization where every cent  counts, even small changes can make a big difference.

Simplifying their day-to-day operations is already paying  dividends, too – with easy access to templates and  processes, staff can focus on the work that matters instead  of spending time on simple operational and admin tasks. 

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