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In a world overflowing with products, the packaging is a big business. Colorpak, and their sub-business BrandPack, design, print, and manufacture cardboard cartons and packaging for a wider range of consumer products - from beer to chocolate, to paracetamol tablets.

The packaging industry is ultra-competitive, with
big brand clients expecting extremely high levels
of quality and great service. Colorpak had a great
product range, but they were looking for a better way
to manage risk and deal with incidents as they arose.

They were implementing a new ERP system and also
wanted to improve customer service and increase
staff engagement. That’s where Promapp came in

Improving incident management.

Before implementing Promapp, Colorpak had no single
way to manage risk or log incidents. With Promapp
they’re now able to manage ISO, and health and safety
accreditation and incidents on one platform.

Higher employee engagement coupled with faster,
more efficient handling of issues through Promapp’s
incident management add-on means that most
problems are now picked up and resolved before
they reach the client.

Before Promapp, the majority of incidents were
generated by customer complaints - they’re now
more often picked up in the system by employees,
which means they can be resolved before they
impact customer service.

Knowledge is power.

Staff engagement was one of Colorpak’s goals when they chose to work with Promapp. They wanted staff at every level to take responsibility for mapping and improving their work processes.

To achieve this, right from the beginning all staff who had a login or access to a work terminal were trained on Promapp so they could start using Promapp and accessing process maps straight away.

Afer that, process leaders emerged and started working to improve their own processes. Because
Promapp allows for collaboration and sharing work, it provided a forum for constructive debate and
decision-making around who was responsible for each process.

‘Promapp is a natural vehicle for creating “one source of the truth” and one reference point for process information. It made it easy to clarify hand-offs - where responsibilities and authorities started and ended. It generated a lot of positive energy and constructive debate which allowed us to get to best practice early and then to maintain it,’ says Garth Picket, General Manager, Colorpak

Once the Colorpak team had most of their processes mapped to reflect their view of best practice, they overlayed the risk management add-on onto the processes they’d mapped. This enabled them to integrate GMP & HACCP – a critical requirement for their business.

Peak performance.

In the competitive printing and packaging industry,
service can mean the difference between growth
and stagnation. Colorpak’s strategy has focused on
delivering extremely reliable service and quality.
Promapp has been a powerful tool for improvement
in this area. Because risk and incidents are now
managed effectvely in one place, mistakes are less
likely. When they do occur, they’re picked up and
resolved quickly, so they don’t impact clients.
Prior to Promapp, delivery was measured by accuracy
per day - on a good day they would get to 90 - 95%.
Now, they can go weeks without a single error

Real change, real results.

Using Promapp, Colorpak has changed the way they work for the better. Staff are more engaged, delivery levels have improved, and mistakes are caught before they reach the customer. This improvement hasn’t gone unnoticed. Recent customer satisfaction feedback rated Colorpak at the top level of suppliers. That’s a great result in an incredibly competitive industry. With Promapp making continuous improvement a the reality, the company can only keep getting better.

‘Colorpak is performing at a world-class level. I’m quite proud of it. I know that our customers appreciate it, and I’m very pleased that Promapp has formed part of our operational strategy for getting to where we are now.’


General Manager

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