Lean culture.

Equip your teams with the tools to make the reduction of waste and non-value-add activities a part of everyone’s job, every day.

Make lean part of BAU.

Continuous improvement methodologies, like LeanKaizenSix Sigma and Total Quality Management (TQM) are used by organizations to reduce the use of resources, eliminate waste, work smarter and improve efficiency.  

It takes a team effort to spot ideas and opportunities, and flow them through to process changes embedded into everyday operations. For many organizations, that’s a challenge.

Nintex Promapp has proven itself an ideal business process management toolset to complement these improvement methodologies.  




Features at a glance.


Define tag lists. Use the terms and methodology familiar to your teams.

# Tags

Teams use simple # tags to identify inefficiencies within processes.


Ideas and tags are notified to stakeholders via existing personal dashboards.


Discussion threads are stored against processes.


Track, manage and report all opportunities, by # tag or by process.


Real-time recalculations of cycle time, active time, activity cost savings.

Rated #1 BPM software.

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Voted #1 BPM software

Mid-market 2017

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Making lean part of BAU, globally.

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