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Progress with Promapp

Build, improve and share process knowledge from a central online repository with Promapp Business Process Management (BPM) software. Turn complex process maps, Visio charts and procedure documents into clean, simple process maps that everyone can follow.


Process Management Simplified.

Simple navigation, dashboard and process ownership tools make Promapp intuitive and easy to use. ‘Processes I’m in’ filter creates a personalized experience.  Simple one-click process editing.  No training required.

Real-Time Feedback and Collaboration. 

Personalized ‘My changes’ dashboard, one-click process feedback and change logs encourage team engagement. Simple collaboration tools and notifications. RACI table updated automatically and stakeholders are automatically emailed changes.

Your Personal Dashboard.

Personalized ‘My changes’  and ‘Processes I own” dashboards improve relevance.  Bookmark your favorite and  frequently used processes. Process change notifications to all stakeholders.

Process Health At A Glance. 

Get a real-time process health summary with Team engagement tracking and automatic tracking of processes: In Progress, Awaiting Approval, Published and Out of Date. Includes Function by Function comparisons and bench-marking.


Cut waste: lean tags.  

Fully configurable tags for your methodology enable #LEAN, #OFI, #Waste collaboration direct from teams. Lean reporting and real time re-calculations using Cycle time, Active time, Activity cost. See opportunities by process.

Standardisation management: Control Variations

Simplify process variation tracking & reporting with configurable variation lists: Global v Local, Regional, Team or Country. Enable collaboration between global and local process owners. Get process variation highlighting and cost reporting.

Process Approval Workflows.

Approve process changes online with one-click. Configure approvers, stakeholders and editors. See ‘awaiting approval’ lists and automatically highlighted, tracked versions. Get permanent version control and restore points.

Integrate Process & Risk Management.

Embed control points into live processes. Enable mandatory sign-off, escalation and notifications direct from control points. Dynamic role updates from processes for control sign-offs. Get real-time risk impact analysis notification off process changes. 

A suite of tools to enable improvement

Promapp's integrated approach to process management means the end of the documentation battle - managing multiple information sources independently.

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Manage Local Process Variation.

Simple to manage local variations on processes so local offices, departments, or countries can manage their local variations.

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Risk and Complience

Complete audit history, real time risk updates, and a risk view allows all users to see exactly what risks are associated with a process, and managers can see the risk and compliance status of your organization.

Media & Document management

Better communicate your ideas and train your team by adding more than just documents, include visual images, videos, PDFs, and audio aids in any process.

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Onboarding and Training

Simplify the induction and training process. Automatically alert staff of training they need, process they must understand. Also have clear signoff workflow from stuff so your organisation can stay up-to-date with current practices and complaint in what’s required.

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Improvement tracking

Every single incident or idea reported is tracked through the online register, using the same workflow and closed only when the last action is completed - making incident reporting simpler and more accessible than ever before.

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Approval Workflow

Add accountability with clear approval workflows for process updates. And notify the right users of what steps they need to take next. Automatically update all users required in the approval process.

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Integration and SharePoint

Promapp integrates with your SharePoint already.

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Change control and change management

Promapp keeps a complete audit history of who made what change to a process, and any process can be rolled back to a previous version. This makes audit time much simpler and quicker than before.
Always know who did what, when with our full activity feed and audit trail.

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