Taking coffee lovers from bean to brew, seamlessly.

Are you as serious about coffee as you are about processes? Make it easy for your teams to make the perfect brew, every time. See the process.

A wise man once said: ‘Never get in the way of a coffee lover and their caffeinated brew.’ And he wasn’t wrong!

Long or short black, cinnamon dust or chocolate sprinkles, single- or double-shot, this liquid concoction, derived from roasted coffee beans, remains the go-to beverage for caffeine connoisseurs the world over. 

At Promapp we respect the addiction. We’re almost as serious about coffee as we are about processes. We’ve brought the two together with our coffee-making process for Promappers - making sure we avoid unnecessary delay.

In one glance, our teams can see exactly how to go from bean to brew:

For those of us who need a little extra help, there's a video clip embedded in the process, too!


In the spirit of continuous improvement, all coffee makers at Promapp can suggest changes or give feedback on how effective the process is. That way we’re taking our coffee-making and our processes from strength to strength. 

And what better time to share our devotion to coffee than International Coffee Day. Celebrated this year from Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October, we challenge you to capture a coffee-making process for your own place of work.

Help your teams go from sluggish to sprightly in record speed… as much as we believe that business processes fuel business performance and innovation, we’d never underestimate the potential of a well-caffeinated team!

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