How process variant management solves the process standardization challenge.

Nintex Promapp’s latest Module, Process Variant Management (PVM) helps organizations simplify the management and control of process variations. See how some of our early adopters are already using this new functionality to take control of their process variations.

Nintex Promapp’s latest Module, Process Variant Management (PVM) was launched in September last year to help organizations simplify the management and control of process variations. This blog post shares how some of our early adopters are already using this new functionality to take control of their process variations plus feedback and commentary from industry experts on the challenges of process standardization

The broad appeal of our Process Variant Management module can be seen from the diversity of our growing customer base, which includes manufacturers, financial service providers, retailers, telco’s and councils to name but a few.  Whether they’re multi-nationals or locally owned and operated, most companies understand that process variations are inherent to the modern enterprise and are using the tool to consolidate process information, own or eliminate variations and ultimately increase control and compliance.

Regional Australia Bank use Process Variant Management to improve the customer experience.

Growing complexity in the lending space led to Regional Australia Bank having slightly different lending processes for different loan products, users and channels in order to deliver a seamless customer experience. Before PVM, this meant duplicate processes with minor variations that all needed updating if something changed. This was an administrative headache. Things were inevitably missed, resulting in a matrix of processes that were slightly out-of-date and staff confidence in those processes began to erode.

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PVM allows Regional Australia Bank to establish a standard process and then add subtle process variations as required. If there is a compliance or legislative shift, or a process review, the team now has only the one standard process to amend. If applicable, the change will flow through to the process variations as well.

'As you evolve your processes you realize there are little differences. So you find work arounds… [With PVM] the processes are now much more likely to be accurate and up-to-date. And the more trust staff have in referring to them, the more consistent our practices will be.'

Jaid Dawson, Business Performance Improvement Team Manager, Regional Australia Bank.


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Merging councils tame process variations.

Councils are often complex, wide-ranging organizations, so when two New South Wales councils - Queanbeyan and Palerang - were set to merge as part of Fit for the Future   there were fears it would be a long and painful experience. They turned to Nintex Promapp and specifically the Process Variant Management module to facilitate the transition. It enabled them to capture both former councils’ processes to use as a benchmark for creating the ‘new’ standard. 

'The PVM Module is so useful for combining similar processes into one. Once they are all captured, we'll review and probably change or eliminate some of the variations so we can settle on the new standard process that's best for our customers. That's the exciting part for us.'

Damian McFarlane - Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council.

Konica Minolta tackles the process variation battle head on.

Konica Minolta has an APAC regional imperative to standardize business processes.  The initial program to standardize core processes on their ERP platform was successful from an IT perspective, however the impact of different business process requirements at a local level caused real problems for business users, service levels and costs. With PVM, local variations can be owned at a local level, while the APAC Region Centre of Excellence is able to maintain oversight of all regional processes.

'We’re establishing an APAC region Centre of Excellence which includes process management and governance. Nintex Promapp’s Process Variant Management Module allows local owners to manage their variations, while allowing the Centre of Excellence visibility and governance of all regional processes.'

Neal Ross - Director IT & Services, Konica Minolta Business Solutions, Australia.

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What are others saying about process standardization?

Outside of our customer base, we’ve also received feedback from industry-leading process experts on the challenge of process standardization. Here’s a sample of what they had to say:

'Process standardization has always been at odds with business agility. In today’s dynamic digital world, enterprises must empower their people to manage processes dynamically in order to meet changing customer demands while simultaneously managing costs and compliance mandates. Nintex Promapp’s Process Variant Management module balances these competing priorities.'

Jason Bloomberg - President, Intellyx



'Almost every multi-national company has to deal with the challenge of managing process variants. Usually the solutions are overly complex. I like this approach because it is simple.'

Jim Sinur — Aragon Research



'Most companies are challenged with business process mapping – standardizing business processes and creating a single source of truth. This is what Nintex Promapp does really well. This iteration [Process Variant Management] is very exciting – especially the level of innovation you put in the hands of the end user.'

Joseph Hsiao - Market Analyst, IDC



'In most organizations, process standardization is a costly myth. Leadership teams are lulled into a sense of security, but those neatly defined processes almost instantly mutate once they’re released into ‘the wild’ — often with costly and unforeseen consequences. Nintex Promapp’s unique approach enables organizations to standardize while managing the necessary variants that are required of real-world processes in the modern, complex enterprise.'

Charles Araujo - Principle Analyst, Intellyx



'Standardization is a very common and very difficult problem. And because the consequences of non-standardization are not calculated, many companies don’t know how much it is costing them. The minute you make that visible, it becomes a much more solvable problem. The fact that Nintex Promapp can identify and calculate the cost of process variants is very powerful.'

Steve Stanton - Pioneer of Business Model Innovation


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