The top 5 critical factors for successful BPM programs.

From the Nintex Promapp 2013 User Conference, we bring you the Top 5 factors for successful BPM programmes. 250 process professionals can't be wrong!

As voted during our Nintex Promapp 2013 User Conferences, so this is from about 250 process professionals!

We've added tips for success for each section, we hope they help.

# 1 Active and visible leadership from your CPO.

TIP - 100% critical to name your Chief Process Officer (CPO) - the closer to CEO the better.

TIP - They need to truly buy into the importance of process improvement, and the consequences of not. It's the Champion's job to win and retain their support.

TIP - They're often not resistant, they're just busy. Do as much as you can to make their job easy: write the email for them, write the announcement on the Nintex Promapp bulletin board, log in with them to click send.

# 2 Teams themselves need to be involved.

TIP - If you leave teams to 'start from scratch' with processes they can flounder. But if you do the work for them you'll get no engagement at all.

TIP - Write up the high level easy bit - the 80% high level (you can cover many of these in an hour long session!) then leave them to hone the processes, edit and improve. Much easier.

TIP - Cross functional process walk through (literally, walk the process). An outsider trying to apply your logic can give valuable insights.

# 3 Communicate Communicate Communicate / Celebrate Improvement (merged).

TIP - Get your CPO to announce wins on the Nintex Promapp bulletin board - dramatic effect!

TIP - Step up and have the confidence to announce success with a bit of personality. An improvement culture is as big or small as you make it.

# 4 K.I.S.S. Simple process methodology.

TIP - Hook your process authors up to a Nintex Promapp 'Good Practice Writing Techniques'. They're run monthly and for Nintex Promapp clients they're free!

# 5 Dedicated process champion:  0.5 - 1 FTE.

TIP - What's the one common factor amongst our clients with the best process culture? They've got a champion with at least part of their 'day job' dedicated to coordinating process improvement.

TIP - Track performance and report to the exec. Prove the benefit of this FTE investment.


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