Top 10 process improvement reads of 2016.

Here’s some inspiration to help you kick start your process improvement efforts in 2017. We’ve collated our 10 most popular blog posts and articles from 2016. From How to Create and Retain Engagement to Who’s Your Process Bulldog, check out our top 10 to get a few new process management ideas you can apply in 2017. Good Luck!

How to make your BPM efforts more successful.

Nintex Promapp CEO, Ivan Seselj shares tips and tricks to drive organisational engagement with process improvement efforts in a video interview with BPM Tips.


2016: The year of process.

For everyone we worked with and for process improvement managers around the world, 2016 was defined as ‘The Year Of Process’. This article has been read over 6,900 times – check it out for yourself and see if you agree.

Standardized Processes: Great in theory, not in practice.

The challenges of operating and growing a business are becoming increasingly complex for businesses of every size, posing a huge challenge when it comes to successfully managing and standardizing business processes. What's the secret to simplifying the management of process variations? That’s exactly what we answer in this CMSWire article.

Top 10 ways to create & retain engagement in process improvement.

For process improvement champions there’s nothing worse than starting an initiative, gaining traction then losing steam because engagement tapers off.

This came up time and time again in 2016 so we asked over 300 process improvement managers how they maintain and create engagement. This is what they said.


Consistency Beats Brilliance Every Time.

Real value comes when business process management is a living and breathing part of the way you operate — an ongoing process — not just something you refer to or use when something goes wrong. So how do you build and keep up the momentum?

Here are the top 3 ways to make business improvement business as usual. 

6 ways to drive greater return on your process improvement investment.

ROI, ROI, ROI. For many process improvement practitioners, the need to show a positive return on investment is key.
Here are the top 6 ways to drive a bigger return on your process improvement investment.

We’re different – why your organization is not so unique.

Many organizations proclaim that they’re unique, they’re an exception, no one could possibly be like them and that it’s impossible to define standard processes.

However, Steve Stanton has put together a strong argument about the importance of process standardization.


Are your processes infuriating your customers?

Everyone has experienced a frustrating process. Airlines and license renewals are common examples.

It’s often almost as if the people who created the process didn’t even test it.

That’s exactly what our CEO experienced which inspired him to write this post about infuriating processes.

Who is your process bulldog?

The Process Bulldog is a lynchpin role at the heart of a healthy process culture. This role is the connection layer of your process governance structure - linking the vision of the leadership team with the creativity of the process owners and participants, the people who are involved in process challenges every day. Every organization needs one, who’s yours?

Tis’ the season for process improvement.

Finally, we had to add our Christmas post. This article was featured on the front page of SSON. Now that Christmas is over check out the processes that shows you how to deal with some of the gifts you don't really want to keep.


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