Using the RACI matrix to improve business collaboration.

RACI is a simple concept to comprehend and if it is integrated with BPM software like Nintex Promapp, your business will no doubt improve in communication and efficiency.

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A potential customer recently expressed to us in a meeting how important RACI is to their organisation and asked how Nintex Promapp caters for it. It took me a few seconds, but I realised it was fairly straightforward to explain. Many of you will have made use of RACI before. For those of you who haven’t it's a matrix used to define business process stakeholders:

In the context of business process management - this has huge relevance. BPM is all about teamwork, collaboration and sharing of ideas to constantly improve the way we work.

Unfortunately too often in the real world, the understanding of RACI degrades to an annoying little table near the end of process documentation that isn’t looked at and isn’t updated for each change because it’s duplicate editing (update the actual procedure then have to update the same in the RACI table).

As it happens, Nintex Promapp automatically triggers RACI communications and changes. No surprise really because effective process improvement depends on all the right people being consulted and informed when processes change.  
In Nintex Promapp;

  • Those Responsible for execution of a process are those roles in the swim-lanes of the process map
  • Those Accountable are the Process Owner and Process Expert, plus process approvers if you use Process Approval Workflow module
  • Those Consulted are other noted stakeholders, including those automatically recognised because they are own upstream and downstream processes
  • Those Informed – include all of the above plus process group stakeholders who are informed via dashboard notifications

So it was a pleasant realisation that Promapp already satisfies the needs of RACI. It got me thinking though - why not add an actual RACI matrix into Nintex Promapp? So watch this space - we're thinking we will. 

Is RACI something used in your organisation? We’d love to hear from you if it is.

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