Value stream mapping as part of BPM - business process management.

Value stream mapping is a helpful visual approach to analyzing a company's existing processes, and can be applied to any type of business.

Our customers apply a broad range of techniques when it comes to improving their business processes, with one such technique being Value Stream Mapping.

Value Stream Mapping can be applied to most processes and seems to be a useful, visual approach to analysing a process for improvements. We’ve seen some great examples with coloured post-it notes covering entire walls on butcher paper.

  • Problem: what happens after the analysis and design phase? Where does this information go? It’s no good if you’ve uncovered some great insights and they’re left on butcher paper.
  • Answer: it’s no different to any other process change. Improvements, large or small, should be blended seamlessly into ‘the way we work’, through your process repository.

Resist the temptation to ‘hit publish’ using a funky new set of shapes and formats for the different techniques you use to expose process improvements or you risk confusing business teams. Also, techniques such as Value Stream Mapping often look at processes at the level of detail most useful for analysis (deep dive), which is not necessarily the best for engagement with teams who are just after some process guidance.

So if your intention is to promote process discussion and collaboration as an everyday activity, your process knowledge formats shouldn’t change with each technique applied to improve them.

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