Nintex Promapp Security Overview.

How easy is it to set Nintex Promapp up?

Setting up Nintex Promapp is as easy as opening your browser. It’s an online tool, so if you’ve got an internet connection, Nintex Promapp is as close as your next click!

Bring your existing users with Single Sign-On

Your users will get up and running faster, with simpler user management through tools that your team is familiar with. Nintex Promapp supports Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, so you can control access with your existing user management system. We utilize the SAML protocol, allowing integration with Active Directory (via ADFS), Azure AD, and many other popular gateways.

What about security?

We take the security of your data seriously and have extensive controls in place to ensure your information is kept safe.

Where is my data stored?

Nintex Promapp has multiple datacentres, located worldwide. If you’re required to house your information locally, we have regional infrastructures to ensure your data never has to leave the country. We have many government departments that use our software already.

Can I import my old process maps?

We know you’ve invested a lot of time in your processes, and there’s no reason to lose all that hard work. Nintex Promapp can import and centralize documentation from a variety of formats, converting existing models and maps from tools and formats like Visio, iGrafx, BPML and even text documents. Supporting images, forms and videos can be uploaded directly to your site to keep everything in one easy-to-find place.

Can I integrate with my existing applications?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect your processes with your intranet, search for them in SharePoint or get notifications through Slack when they are updated? We’ve thought of that! Nintex Promapp utilizes a dynamic dashboard to keep users informed about their responsibilities, and can seamlessly integrate with the other tools you use to maximize productivity.

Single sign-on for Nintex Promapp.

Nintex Promapp now supports web single sign-on (SSO), allowing users to enter one name and password to access their cloud applications, including Nintex Promapp.

  • Reduce the number of user names and passwords users need to remember.
  • Allow administrators to manage access to all business applications from a centralized location.
  • Apply password policies established for the corporate network to Promapp for additional security.

Can you integrate with SharePoint and your intranet?

Nintex Promapp is designed for integration with SharePoint and/or your intranet, including login and dashboard widgets for web parts.

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