Simplify your training record management.

Nintex Promapp’s onboarding and training add-on helps organizations who currently manage training records and compliance separately.




We’re excited to announce the launch of the Nintex Promapp onboarding and training add-on. It’s been designed to simplify training record management and introduce a consistent employee onboarding experience across an organization.

Nintex Promapp’s onboarding and training add-on is great for organizations who currently manage training records and compliance separately, or even manually, and for organizations who run transformation projects where processes are managed separately from training.

Organizations with critical processes that require change acknowledgements from affected teams love the process change acknowledgement feature, which can also be completed from mobile devices.

Fast-track newbies with smart onboarding.

Use the roles already in your processes to generate onboarding plans.  Once it’s created, reuse an onboarding plan for all new starters in that role.  By standardizing onboarding, new team members get up to speed faster, reducing their time to being productive.

With an onboarding plan in place you can get an overview of onboarding progress in real time, any time.

Track training with dashboards and reporting.

Your training dashboard tracks the training you are taking part in and any training or onboarding you’re responsible for. You can see at a glance where your training is up to, and the relevant attendance and progress of training units you oversee, so you can monitor who’s been trained and who hasn’t, at any time. 

Know everyone is on the same page.

Acknowledge process changes, even from mobile devices. Team members impacted by process changes will be required to acknowledge that they have reviewed and understood process changes, and the impact the changes have on their role.  This is great for health and safety compliance, and critical business process improvements.

'By integrating training and process management, organizations can increase team engagement and promote a continuous learning culture.'

Ivan Seselj, Nintex Promapp CEO


Features our clients love:

  • Automated creation of onboarding plans for each role

  • Personal training notifications

  • Realtime onboarding progress and completion tracking

  • Training records and attendance reports

  • Mobile device signoffs for training attendance, and process change acknowledgements

Training programs that are permanently synchronized with processes save time and eliminate the risk of misalignment.


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Manufacturer simplifies training and compliance.

Dairy Nutraceuticals is using the onboarding and training add-on to meet food safety compliance.

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