So how does process variant management actually work?

Launched last week, Promapp's new process variant management (PVM) add-on was built to tackle an annoying problem facing many organizations: successful process standardization.

So how does the PVM add-on actually work and how can it help you standardize processes and take control of process variations? Find out here.


Launched last week, Promapp’s new process variant management (PVM) add-on was built to tackle an annoying problem facing many organizations: successful process standardization. An unnecessarily complex task, especially for those with a need for slight variations to their standard processes in order to meet the requirements of a specific location, product or customer.

So how exactly does process variant management overcome the pain point of complexity?

  1. We’ve made it simple to establish a standard process, off which variations can be created and controlled. This means you no longer need to manage multiple, almost identical processes, in order to accommodate slight variations.  

"We have three ways to manage technical product projects within our business. These project types are almost identical, with only a few variations between them. PVM has allowed us to document the most complex processes then simply map the variations for the other project types." 

Karen Bennett, General Manager Business Excellence - SAI Global

  1. You can create global variations that can be used across multiple processes, e.g. regional variations like country, state and office location, product group or customer type.

    You can also create process specific variations that can be applied to just one process e.g. the procurement process may require variations for different levels of spend or the leave request process may require variations for different types of leave.
  2. Promapp’s process costing and timeframe functionality makes it possible to calculate the difference in cost and time between variations. This allows organizations to make informed decisions about whether to establish ownership for or eliminate process variations.

“The fact that Promapp can identify and calculate the cost of process variants is very powerful. ” 

Steve Stanton – Pioneer of Business Model Innovation
  1. Process ownership has been redefined. Global process owners set the standard, while assigned variation owners can apply their expertise to ensure the particular needs of the process variation are met. Global process owners are notified of any change to a process variation, enabling them to retain oversight and control.
  2. We’ve increased process relevancy, by enabling business teams to be given access to the process variation applicable to them. No more exceptions, buts or confusion over which process to follow.

    “The great thing about it is that once the processes are refined and standardized, with the variations in place, they can be assigned to the right people by default. For example, the mobile workforce will be able to access their own particular process variations.” 

    Damian McFarlane, Organizational Excellence Officer - Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council

  3. The ability to compare and report on process variations has never been easier with Promapp’s inbuilt process variation report. This report provides a list of each variation, the specific activities or tasks that have been added, deleted or amended and how this compares to the standard process. 

Finally, there’s a simple way to control process variations.  Watch this short video or join an Intro to Promapp webinar to see process variant management in action.

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