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Making procedure personal. Promapp provides personalised navigation – you can see 'Processes I'm in' and 'Processes I own' along with favourites to help you personalise your use of Promapp. Making process management simple with Promapp.

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The West Australian (WA) economy is the most cyclical in Australia, constantly shifting from boom to bust, and back again. Keeping a business functioning and profitable in these conditions can be a challenging task.

Currently, thanks to rising commodity prices, WA is experiencing an economic upswing. As a result, the state's hundreds of mid-sized firms are racing to find ways to scale up their operations to meet a projected rise in demand.

These firms are active in a diverse range of areas, from IT services and facility management to building and construction, as well as resources like mining, oil and gas. As the mainstay of the state's economy, it is vital for these businesses to react swiftly to changes in business conditions: they need to be resilient. 

Being lean and mean

Achieving this goal requires a business to be a lean operation. There's no place for complacency or processes and workflows that don't operate at peak efficiency.

Key to attaining and maintaining a lean status is having properly defined and documented processes in place, that are up to date. This is essential to remove unnecessary costs during growth periods and ensure that operational inefficiencies can be identified and improved.  

Strong process management involves giving teams the power to 'own' their own processes. Team members need to understand their responsibilities and how what they do fits into the wider picture for the company.

Process can sometimes be viewed as a constraint or something that slows teams down. However, rather than constraining activity, process management discipline actually creates a dynamic and energetic environment. Staff know how what they do contributes to the overall success of the business and how they can help it flourish amid changing market conditions.

For example, having properly documented processes to support the on-boarding of new staff can enable organisations to expand business operations more quickly and efficiently.    

This also applies to increasing stock levels, boosting marketing campaigns and finding new partners. In each area, defined and documented processes ensure a business can remain lean and mean while growing to meet new demands.

In addition to capturing accurate process information and ensuring it’s kept up to date, it's also important to create a central repository for all process documentation. This means that action can be taken quickly without teams wasting time attempting to source documents from different areas.

It also ensures that any changes made to processes can be reflected immediately. Particularly in times of rapid change, organisations need to know that everyone in the business will be looking at and following the most up-to-date processes, at all times.