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Nintex Promapp culture and values.

Team culture is important at Nintex Promapp. We’re a bit unorthodox. We don’t do corporate. Our values are role modelled and endorsed by our leadership team, and can be seen in action every day in the way we work.

Love simplicity.

We like to keep things simple. A short chat is better than a long meeting. And we try to keep our own processes simple, even as we grow.

Trust and respect: we’re in it together.

There’s no politics at Nintex Promapp - we’re honest and direct. We admit our mistakes and we question actions inconsistent with our values.

Be passionate and over deliver.

We work hard and smart to get results and make a real difference for our customers. We have high expectations of ourselves and each other.

We win as a team.

We do what’s best for Nintex Promapp, not just ourselves. Our work spaces foster creativity and collaboration to help us stay connected as one team.

May the fun be with you.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We work hard but still find time to have a lot of fun. We’re always looking for reasons to celebrate.

Hear from our global team.

Team fun at (and after) work.

We have fun as a team at work and outside the office.  Building these team connections helps to foster creativity and collaboration.


Hear from our Founder.

I wanted to create the sort of place where I would like to work  myself. We work hard and we play hard - especially on 'Nintex Promapp Moondays'.