Process mapping tools.

Nintex Promapp is cloud based process management software for creating and storing business processes online. It's easy to use, and being a fully web based tool, process changes are performed and approved online, in the cloud.

Process mapping software (BPM) & process mapping tools in the cloud.

A complete suite of process mapping tools. Suggest improvements, receive dashboard notifications, edit processes, approve process changes - all online. 


Making process personal

Nintex Promapp provides personalised navigation – you can see ‘Processes I’m in’ and ‘Processes I own’ along with favourites to help you personalise your use of Nintex Promapp.

Manage process variations

A simple way to control process variations. Nintex Promapp makes it easy to establish standardized processes, with controlled variations

Team collaboration

Nintex Promapp makes it easy to share ideas and improvements. Taking inspiration from social media, dashboards and conversations within Nintex Promapp keep teams engaged.

Process approval

ake control of your processes. Obtain secure, online signoff of each process change from your nominated approvers.

Approvals dashboard

Personalized ‘My changes’ and ‘Processes I own' dashboards improve relevance. Bookmark your favorite and frequently-used processes.

Lean tags

Fully-configurable tags for your methodology enables #LEAN, #OFI, and #Waste collaboration direct from teams.

Organisation process health

Get a real-time process health summary with team engagement tracking and automatic tracking of processes

Risk register

Embed control points into live processes. Enable mandatory signoff, escalation and notifications directly from control points.

What others say about Nintex Promapp's process mapping tools...

"Nintex Promapp has changed the way we manage our business. It is all about induction, risk management, continuous improvement, business continuity; it has provided us with so much more than just a process mapping tool."

Waikato District Council

"Our efforts with Nintex Promapp have resulted in better issue of provisioning instructions and less billing errors. We've also got much improved induction for new team members. There's a clear way of doing things so new staff become effective much faster."


"We have seen significant improvements since introducing Nintex Promapp into Mainfreight USA. This success has led us to begin rolling Nintex Promapp out to all our businesses around the world."


"Simple' and 'software' are not two words usually used in the same sentence, but the Nintex Promapp system is so easy to use that employees can literally be trained on it in half an hour."

Taupo District Council


Nintex Promapp for Business

With Nintex Promapp, your business teams can turn complex process maps, Visio charts and lengthy procedure documents into clean, simple process maps that everyone can follow.

Everyone can use Nintex Promapp

It's simple and has been designed with the everyday user in mind. Nintex Promapp empowers your teams to own their processes and process owners can finally take accountability and drive process improvements.

Features at a glance:

  • Write process in text to generate process maps
  • Easy to use - drill down to guides, forms, policies or use quicksearch
  • Dynamic process maps, not static documents
  • Cloud-based software, can be implemented in hours, not months
  • Seamless integration with your EDRMS, SharePoint or any intranet
  • Collaboration tools, including suggestions and personal dashboards

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Simple BPM software in the cloud.

Suggest improvements, receive dashboard notifications, edit processes, approve process changes - all online.

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