What is business process management (BPM)

Successful business process management is about building and sustaining process improvements – something that traditional process improvement approaches have a poor track record of achieving.

What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

Business Process Management is constantly striving to improve the way you do things to provide value for your customers.

It’s much more than just technology – it’s teams of people, motivated by committed leaders, working together to continuously find better ways of doing things.

BPM treats business processes as a key knowledge asset of your organization. This asset must be easy to use, own, manage, and improve by your business teams to increase the value you provide to your customers.


We firmly believe effective process management depends on:

  • Information that is easily understood by end business users
  • A central repository of easily accessible process, procedure and associated content
  • Giving teams tools that promote process ownership and accountability
  • Leadership from the top
  • An approach that supports on-going innovation and improvement of processes

Top 5 business process management challenges.


Problems with ‘the old way’

Lack of accountability, no ownership of key processes.

On-going improvement of processes is inhibited without process ownership and responsibility. Remove this barrier, assign ownership and make staff accountable.


Failure to achieve expected ROI on projects.

Benefits are only realized when new processes are accepted into day to day operations. Make it easier for the business to inherit new processes from projects.


Inconsistent process execution.

Is poor process management resulting in rework, inefficiency and inconsistent service delivery? Invest in a BPM system such as Nintex Promapp to ensure your processes are clear and simple to follow across all departments and sites. For example the Nintex Promapp Touchscreen Module has been adopted by some of our clients to use on their factory floors to ensure processes are accessible and followed in a consistent way by all staff.


Delayed response to process breakdowns.

Decisions are made on an assumed understanding of current processes. A clear and agreed understanding of current processes is needed before they can be improved.


No known way.

There is no consistent understanding of how processes are performed, and each project creates process information in different formats. Capture process information in a central repository, in a consistent format.

We were looking to simplify our processes, enable easier access, create greater staff involvement and ensure all approval levels sign-off efficiently. The Nintex Promapp application has ticked all these boxes.

Department of Justice, Infringement Management & Enforcement Services, Australia

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