Risk and compliance.

Manage risks, not spreadsheets. Risk registers automatically updated directly from business process changes, with each change notified in real time.

Risk and compliance.

Successful risk management depends on ongoing risk awareness across the whole organization. Nintex Promapp integrates risk and compliance requirements directly into processes, making it an everyday activity, with a live feed updating risk and compliance records automatically.

It’s included in the same dashboard where process owners manage their processes and process participants sign off treatments.

The risk and compliance add-on supports ISO compliance including ISO:9001:2015 and ISO:31000:2009.




Features at a glance.


Dynamic updates of risk treatments from process changes.


Real-time notification to risk managers of changes affecting key controls.


A single, simple process and risk notification dashboard.


Automatic workflow for treatment sign-offs, including escalations.


Audit and executive reporting - current and up to date every day of the year.


Dynamic role updates directly from process updates.

What clients say.

'The integrated risk functionality is magnificent – all controls are linked from our processes. No more reminding people for risk management signoffs, Nintex Promapp reminds them.'


'Nintex Promapp raises the awareness of risk management throughout the company and improves transparency of controls via the links between risks and processes.'

Aioi Nissay Dowa

'We find our audits increasingly stress free. Nintex Promapp is ideal for documentation tracking and we have ensured that our ISO manuals are in Nintex Promapp.'

Villa Maria Wines

'We’ve found the dashboard, process improvement reminders, suggestions for improvements and linking process risks to our controls particularly useful.'

Heartland Bank

'Nintex Promapp has changed the way we manage our business. It is all about induction, risk management, continuous improvement, business continuity. It has provided us with so much more than just a process mapping tool.'

Waikato District Council

'Nintex Promapp will be a critical part of our day-to-day business operation while seamlessly meeting our very high standard for security, risk auditing and compliance to support the business and our customers.'


Rated #1 BPM software.

4.5 average rating

Across 100+ reviews

Voted #1 BPM software

Mid-market 2017

4.8 stars

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Simplifying risk and compliance, globally.

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