SOP (standard operating procedure) module.

If your aim is to help teams get it right first time, then show them how. Clear, brief instructions supported by videos and pictures, all at the touch of a screen.

Enable teams to learn and execute business processes and SOP safely and correctly. Instructions supported by video and picture content on a mobile device.

Nintex Promapp's SOP Module is designed to make it as easy as possible for your teams to learn and execute processes and SOPs safely and correctly. Content is made up of step by step instructions, supported by short videos and clear pictures. Touch the screen to select your process, then the specific numbered step, then to play the instructional video. And this content is all created using the existing, simple Nintex Promapp online editor. Just tick on the touchscreen checkbox to publish to touchscreens.

Key benefits of the SOP Module:

Safety comes first.

Performing a process incorrectly can result in serious injury. Make it easy to understand the right way of doing things

Don't depend on training alone.

'The right way' that we were trained on can be hard to recall, particularly for processes that aren't performed every day

Make it easier to get it right first time.

Click to locate a process in seconds onscreen. Click again for the specific step, click again for the video instructions.

Make out of date procedures manuals a thing of the past.

Change a process - and every version in every location is up to date, real-time.



"This is a game changer for manufacturers that really want to help their teams get it right first time."



  • Simple touchscreen swipe interface for teams to use
  • No special editing to your Nintex Promapp processes – just tick the 'touchscreen' checkbox
  • Restricted pin access per location
  • Quality control points, built into processes
  • No hassle video content storage - on our servers

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