Workflow process management.

Nintex Promapp is process management software that helps companies build, improve and share their process knowledge from a central online repository.

Workflow process management - Nintex Promapp - Workflow management system

Workflow management systems provide a work routing environment, whereby a work activity becomes a series of tasks passed between people or teams until the process is complete. Business rules can be applied at each stage of interaction meaning certain activities can be automated or the item is routed for human intervention. Workflow process management is sometimes referred to as process automation.

For example, an insurance claim might be lodged online. First it is checked by the claims receiving team, then routed to the appropriate claims specialist and then to the claim payment team. At each stage in the workflow, an individual or team is responsible for the specific task. Once the task is complete, the workflow software notifies the individuals responsible for the next task who then receive the information they need to perform the next activity in the process.

Business rules can be applied at any stage in the workflows to automate tasks or minimise the manual intervention required. Using the insurance claim example, claims of a certain type, below a certain dollar threshold, might be passed directly to the payments team bypassing tasks needed for other types of claims.

Other advantages of using workflow management tools are:

  • the ability to track and provide status reporting through each phase, which provides accurate performance measuring and statistics for further optimization of the process
  • the ability to integrate with other systems e.g. an approved insurance claim may trigger a payment to be deployed from an organisation’s financial software account reducing the required human intervention in the process.

Workflow process management and Nintex Promapp

Nintex Promapp is process management software that helps companies build, improve and share their process knowledge from a central online repository. In Nintex Promapp, processes are communicated in formats most suited to process owners and the teams executing those processes.

So how does Nintex Promapp manage process workflows?

Nintex Promapp treats process workflow activities exactly the same as other software system-driven activities, including off-the-shelf software, custom developed software or BPMS platform developed applications. Most organisations will use an array of systems to carry out business processes, which will include many rule or system-driven steps. Even if the bulk of a process is workflow driven, the fundamentals still apply. Process descriptions still need to clearly communicate the key activities within a process, which steps are system-driven and which require human intervention.

Nintex Promapp & process notation for workflow 
Process ownership and innovation is driven by business teams actually involved in the processes. We consider these teams to be the primary audience for process communication. Technical teams can use this knowledge base to extract technical requirements if and when a case for automation is justified.

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"we find our audits increasingly stress free. Nintex Promapp is ideal for documentation tracking and we have ensured that our ISO manuals are in Nintex Promapp."

Villa Maria

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