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Nintex Promapp is cloud based process management software for creating and storing business processes online. It's easy to use, and being a fully web based tool, process changes are performed and approved online, in the cloud.

Simple BPM software in the cloud

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For many organisations, traditional approaches to improve processes have failed to translate into expected benefits. Why? Successful process improvement is more than theories and analysis; it's about changing everyday behaviours. Nintex Promapp’s unique approach is making process improvement simple for teams: it helps the teams that actually participate in processes - not the specialists that analyse them.

Enterprises that put processes front and centre consistently outperform those that don't. They're quicker to adapt to changing business conditions. They're more responsive to their customers. And they're seizing opportunities that are lifting revenue and profitability to a whole new place. Gartner

Key indicators of process problems                 

  • 1. Improvements won… but are they sustained?

What is the point of a procedures manual nobody looks at or updates? There isn’t one. Unfortunately, improvement efforts will cost just as much irrespective of whether the organisation is extracting significant gains from them of not. Get the right tools in place to support empowered process owners to drive real, sustainable gains to the bottom line through process improvement.

  • 2. Inconsistent customer experience?

If you’re not keeping customers happy, your competitors will gladly help them.  Improved process execution delivers better service levels to existing customers and will help win new ones from the competition.


  • 3. Growing pains – exactly what are new staff being told? 

New team members need to build an understanding of their role in processes, and how those processes fit into the big picture. The use of simple, easy to follow process information made accessible to new staff will make them more productive, faster.

  • 4. Project failures – outcomes not achieved?

Operational benefits from projects are only realised when new processes are adopted into day-to-day activities. Without clear process guidance, project gains are at risk the day after training has occurred. Varying levels of retention may lead to teams’ behaviours evolving away from new agreed processes.  

  • 5.Spiralling compliance costs?

Audits, compliance, certification – it takes time and money to create and update process and procedure content. Do it faster with process maps that are generated from text, can be dynamically updated providing ‘publish anywhere’ content and printed versions that are pre-formatted. Eliminate the costly, time consuming cycle of large-scale ‘catch up’ initiatives needed every few years. 

  • 6.Project cost over-runs, late delivery?

You can’t start transformation projects, especially technology implementations, without an understanding of the current state processes. Accurate, real process knowledge provides a platform for transformational change and reduces project risks, as well as scoping and current state phase costs.

  • 7.Stagnant improvement culture, immovable process?

Collaboration alive and well? Are the right stakeholders involved? Have emails sent automatically to all affected people, including process participants, process owners, risk managers, systems owners.

  • 8.Uncontrolled changes creep into processes?

Every single improvement suggestion, every edit, every approval: logged, tracked and reportable.

  • 9.Intellectual property assets walking out the door?

How much would it cost for a start-up to develop the know-how your organisation has developed? Millions of dollars? Process knowledge is a valuable asset. Rather than sitting in the heads of your employees, it should be recorded, owned and managed just like any other asset.

  • 10.LEAN operations?

Being faster, leaner and smarter than your competitors doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the outcome of planned ongoing investment in process improvement. Benefits won from programmes like Six Sigma or LEAN don’t just happen - they need to be managed and sustained which can be done with the support of an effective process management solution.  

  • 11.Feel like youre documenting processes for documentation’s sake?

Don’t fall for the trap of process documentation for documentations sake. Motivate teams by targeting issues critical to your business to deliver outcomes that make a real difference.





  • 12.Management constantly fire-fighting issues?

One of the costs of weak process ownership is a revolving cycle of issues and problem-fix meetings, where the same problems are revisited over and over again. These process breakdowns can damage team morale and are time and resource intensive. A central repository of known processes stops this cycle – process changes become sustainable and enforceable.

  • 13.Teams blindly following the same old ways?

Process improvement is a people challenge - it’s all about attitude. The best organisations in the world have teams that believe they work for a smart organisation and that they have a voice to make it even smarter. Smart organisations store and manage their process knowledge for easy access across the business.

  • 14.Disconnected from customer and partner processes?

‘Publish anywhere’ means you can work closer with partners, customers and suppliers to drive leaner, faster, more accurate process execution. Be transparent with your smart processes and expect the same from your partners.

  • 15.Risk management left to one or two people?

Risk management depends on knowing exactly how teams work every day, not just how they are perceived to work, based on what is written in dusty procedures manuals. Set the expectation that clear, simple process guidance means there’s now only one acceptable way to perform a process – the right way - to truly mitigate business risks.  

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