Why you won’t want to miss Nintex Promapp CONNECT 2018.

It may feel like old news, but it’s definitely not fake news: artificial intelligence was touted as one of the top 5 tech buzz words for 2018. Again.

Does this have any relevance for process improvement specialists? What do you need to be on the look-out for in the year ahead?

Plug into Nintex Promapp CONNECT for answers.

At this year’s annual Nintex Promapp CONNECT, speakers from around the globe will update you on what’s happening in their part of the world. Process improvement gurus will share stories and practical tips based on their experiences. Renowned international guest speakers will give you insight into how to develop worldclass culture and performance.

What’s in it for you?

Join us for the day. You’ll walk away with:

1. Actionable advice

Learn from global organizations who will share their tried-and-tested BPM techniques. They’ll show you how you can successfully enable change capability in your teams.

2. New tricks

You’re never too experienced to learn! Whether you’re just getting started or are further along in your process journey, there’s always room for change and development.

3. Hot tips

In today’s global village, the playing fields are more level than ever. Take your organization to the next level with global BPM trends. Get recommendations on how to put these ideas into practice.

4. Inspired thinking

‘Excited’ doesn’t cover it! This year our keynote speakers include Kiwi legend Graham Henry and global disrupter Holly Ransom. They’ll share what it’s taken them to overcome challenges, create a world class team culture, and build massive success on a global scale.

5. A head start

Stay ahead of the game with the latest BPM trends and innovations. Learn what they are and how to be change-fit so your organization can embrace new technologies and ideas. Because you know they’ll just keep coming!

6. A sneak peek

We have lots of great plans to share with attendees. Whet your appetite and be the first to see what’s coming soon in Nintex Promapp.

7. New connections

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know right? Well, not always, but attendees rank the networking aspect of these events as one of their favorites. Grow your professional network and create pathways to exchange knowledge and ideas long after the event is over.

Registrations are open!

Nintex Promapp CONNECT will be hosted in four regions between 19 and 28 June 2018 – get more information on dates, venues and times here.

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